buds are lookin small? using a dimmable 1000 watt

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by skimFL, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. alright so i got a flower room with a 6 inch cool tube, 424 cfm inline fan, the carbon scrubber is above the room.. the temps are high, been a issue since day one. in the summer they stayed in the steady 90s to 100.. but now that its coolin off outside and hittin the 70s the room is still steady low mid 90's.. i have the 1000 watt on 75%.. SO IM running like 700 watts i guess.. but anyways im almost 2 months into flowering and the buds are just skinny, hairry as fuck and smell good.. just small and skinny and the leafs are curling down but are green and no burnt tipps.. the light is like 15 inches give or take a few a above the plants..

    im kinda pissed cuz it looks like if i harves in two weeks or whatever, that ill be dissapointed.. after i cut all the leafs off i feel like there will be barely anything to smoke which would suck..never harvested indoor before so idk if there thicker then i thinkg..like the buds are 8 inches tall and only as thick as like bratwurst?ha? some buds have thick bottoms but gett skinnier and spaced out as you go up the plant...the strain is just random florida bagseeds.. idk what it could be... im using foxfarm nutes, t5s to veg.. the veg plants look fucking great.. im LSTing to btw.

    and the temps, i have NO clue how to keep em down... we live in a shit house, with a muggy feel.. and then florida weather on top of that..

    when i click in the middle of a paragraph to add something and start typing its erases everything i had typed in front of it.. any help with that would be cool to...
  2. Do you have any pictures?

    So the room is 70's and the grow tent/cabinet inside the room is 90's? If so, then you need to bring more cool air into your tent and evacuate the hot air out of both rooms completely.

    It sounds more of a temp problem then anything.
  3. well shit hit the fan today.. and im pretty sure cops are stalking me..so i harvestd early..this sucks..
  4. The same thing happened to me with the skinny hairy buds, it's more than likely high temps. And for the typing thing hit the insert key near the delete key to fix it.
  5. You should probably run a 600 instead of the 1000.... . Also if you are not using an air cooled light i highly suggest purchasing one. This will lower your temperature greatly.
  6. [quote name='"skimFL"']well shit hit the fan today.. and im pretty sure cops are stalking me..so i harvestd early..this sucks..[/quote]

    Elaborate please I'm just curious as to how you kno they are
  7. haha word thanks man, and yeah i got 22 grams of very hairy skinny buds.

    yeah i got cool tube, and 1000 watt was dimmable but i agree it was to much
    well they always slow down when they pass.. and they mean mug us.. and then the other night i got pulled over walking sober, and they harassed me and just kept wanting to know my name and were saying i look stoned, like i was getting a real wierd vibe from them.. they knew something was up i think.. better safe then sorry, im moving to
  8. Sorry to hear tht man and yea it's prolly a good thing to move, fresh start and complete anoniminity sounds like a very good idea for growing ima do tht after one more harvest

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