Budlover's First Grow: 2010

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    So, this is a thread im creating to seek advise as well as show off. I know a good amount about growing and am definatly a seasoned toker as far as smoking goes, this is my first time growing though. Im still living with the parents so im gonna respect them and grow outdoors, Which would be my first choice anyways. I have a handful of random bagseeds, all brown and healthy looking just a litle on the small side. Sativa maybe? Im not sure. Anyways, im germing about 5 right now and its been about 2 days and they havn't popped yet. Im going to use a mix of native soil, MG organic and a good portion of perlite. I'm gonna keep them pretty small, about 1-2 gallon pots to keep the buds managable. :devious: Im going to use tiger bloom once these bad girls start flowering. I got a couple spots im looking at, both within 15 min walking distance from the house. (Thank god i live in a woody area). You guys have any advise, tips? Ill update with picture as soon as they pop. Im thinking im gonna get the babies 3-4 days old indoors with Cfl's (Once again im gonna respect the parents opinion on it. They dont like me smoking but im 19 and it my choice.) Then transfer them out to the plot. Im just growing for fun, and to gain some extra goodies for free.
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    Little update. Only one out of all the seeds i had germinated. Ohh well, least i know the origins of this seed. Came from some VERY bomb bud.. :D
    It sprouted and popped above the soil about one week ago exactly today. Im growing it in a shoebox with one 23 wat cfl about 2 inches away.
    The weather here just got better so i should be putting her out pretty soon. The days here are about 75-80 during the day and about 40-50 at night. Is this to cold for a baby?
  3. She's at 2 weeks im pretty sure. Shes looking good, i just transplanted her and moved her outside a couple days ago. Added about half a cap of superthrive and heres what she looks like as of 10 minutes ago. (Its been very rainy so she hasn't boomed in growth yet, but i do see lots of new growth.) Its gonna be sunny and warm all this week, i cant wait. :D
  4. Looks good, just hope its female, but I'm in the same room as you I only have 2 babies left.
  5. Found another seedling randomly this morning! This rain must have germinated in the soil. But, when i found her she had quite a few chunks taken out of the first leaves and her stem. Fuckin baby slug lol. Not sure if it'll survive. :l
  6. Alright so im at about 2 1/2 weeks and shes starting to grow her first set of 5 leaves. I also acquired some Tiger bloom and Grow big today. :D How much per gallon?
  7. Come on, no one?! So im about about three weeks id say. I just got back from a 4 day trip and she was bone dry. Its been 75-80 clear blue skies. She's lovin it :D
    Im gonna give her her first dose of nutes in 2 days, or whenever the soil dries out. Happy tokin :smoking:

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  8. Alright. Im at about three and a half weeks and i gave her her first dose of nutes 2 days ago. 6 drops in a water bottle. (I didn't feel like making a gallon and i was stoned so 6 drops sounded good :D) She loved it. It burn't her a little, but i gave her a little flush and she's doin great. Slugs aren't coming though the top of the plant because i have a copper ring around the base, but there coming in through the drain holes on the pot. I found like 6 chillin there. Are they eating the roots or some shit? Btw she smells great. :smoke:

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  9. Just transplsnted it to a 4-5 gallon pot along with half a cap of superthrive. Kinda sticks out where i have it now. Gotta find a new spot..
  10. Looks decent so far man. I think you'll see some excellent growth if you lay off with any nutes for a while. Good luck man.
  11. I'll get an update up tomorrow morning. Have a little wake and bake with the plant..
    Any comments questions?
  12. This was about 4 day ago. She's doin great. :D
    That her next to 4.5 grams of dank stuffed in that pill bottle. That was a couple days ago, just got some dank hash today.:devious:
    Also, havn't watered for about 4-5 days. Today it hit 85 and she's in direct sun. So im gonna give her a nice dose of nutes tomorrow.

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  13. Hey Bud,

    Plants lookin pretty good. ^^ How much sunlight during the day does it get around?

    I have a similar grow going finally but once there vegged up a bit I'll have to move em indoors. Keep it up...Ill be followin along.

  14. It gets a full days sunlight here, has since it was a week or so old. Never bothered it a bit when it was a baby. Also, My mom found my bottle of fox farm grow big. She thinks its hers and what the fuck am i going to say if i say its mine haha. Ohh well, get another bottle soon. :smoking:
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    Alright. Alls going as planned. She's getting tons of growing in and the nutes are kicking her ass. Havn't topped her yet but on all the nodes new growth is coming in as you can see in the pic. Will top her in a couple nodes. :D
    You can see quite a difference in growth. Gotta love how the first true leaves have 7 blades on it. Kinda makes me wonder how big this little fuckers gonna get..
    First pic is about a week old the rest are from this morning. Along with the purps i smoked with her this morning aswell:devious: (shitty pic).

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  16. lookin nice. luckily since i had it inside until the transplant i didnt have to deal with slugs
  17. yeahh, i used to find slugs all over my plants
  18. Plant as of today. Will be doing once a week checkups now on. Much eaiser.
    Everythings going as planned.
    Thanks guys:wave:

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  19. is your starting to show sex yet? because mine is about that big and it has the white pistols
  20. Im at about 15/12 right now for light guys. Im pretty sure this things either female or hermie. The bud was to good for someone to just let a male fertalize, so the plant probably grew bannanas in hope to save her genetics. I don't mind, as long as i get bud im not complaining.

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