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  1. First off i have never grown a plant in my life but its always been an interest of mine and i decided to give it a go. I am running a small stealth grow in my closet i had to make due for now until i can get more proper supplies. It's just starting off in the seedling stage now just planted the sprout about an hour ago and set up a light(20 watt twisty bulb) and put the sprout in a small plastic pot with loose soil. I wasnt sure which to go with for seedling so im using the soil with the little white balls, anyone have any feedback on this soil? ill post more pictures of my growingspace and current setup but its just temp. i visited home depot today and made a list of supplies to get some opinions on before i buy anything. But for now heres the list and a picture of Baby Mysterio (bagseed)

    1. MG Loose Peat Moss (8.97) :: Good or nah?
    2. PH down (7.98)
    3. 6" standard pot :: Can anyone tell me what size pots i should get i heard 3gallon but they were all measured in inches?
    4. 8" standard pot(Both pots are a total of 5.30)
    5.IVZ Negra F40 48 watt Florescent (14,97) What can anyone tell me about this light and any recomended lights i can find at home depot or a garden center
    6. NPK nutrients :: what brand/potency should i buy
    7. Fan
    8. Reflective foil
    9. Odor Control :: What are some good odor control methods without ventilation

  2. Hey there, just dropping in!

    Be careful with MG products, they contain pre-fertalized soil. The fert looks like little green balls or something. Get organic unferted soil or something organic. A lot of growers like black gold or fox farms is really popular. You will probably have to get those out of garden supply store.

    Most other Qs answered in this thread, and there are a lot of good DIY, how to's and crazy knowledge out on this forum, check out the search button in all seriousness.

  3. Day 2

    Seed sprouted! looks about an inch so far. But i notice the tips of the leaves are a bit discolored can anyone help me figure out why? and what can i do to fix it?


  4. you dont need any nutes while its that small and you should strongly consider avoiding MG except for while its in the cup that it is in now, but when you transfer you should use something organic like FF or Black Gold. MG gives off a lot of gnats and they are annoying and bad for your plants health. the 40W CFL should be enough to start with and take your single plant to flower when you would want more.. but then again if your gonna have to buy more later you might as well get it now. I suggest a 105W CFL, they arnt to expensive online maybe like 25-40 bucks plus hood which you can make if your creative enough. good luck!
  5. I dont think thats miracle grow i honestly just got the cup with it in there for free but it could be and thanks for the suggestion ill look into the 105w cfl and by hood you mean an intake duct?
  6. Got some pictures of my current setup. Still gettin money together for better stuff.



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