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BudHead Hits the Big 6969

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. 2 more to go..and I cant be arsed to sit awake any longer specially since ya went offline!!

    Congrats man...doin the 6969 Dance..n you know how thats done! No need to elaborate lest the thread end up in the

    you my friend, are an awsome awsome person. I raise this joint in a toast to long life n lotsa posts.

    *************CAUTION EXPLICIT CONTENT************************

    DOIN THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alll night long in your honor bh! :D
  2. YEAH BUDHEAD!!!!!!!!;) a daisey's desire(1 of my fav drinks) and a hit for u and for u and for u........
  3. hell yes! *dancing out of the 4200 dance with disco like john travolta smooth moves right into the 6969 boogie*

    im always down for some 6969 action!!! nice going budhead!:)
  4. congrats to both sensi and budhead. and critter always finds an appropriate smilie;)
  5. mmmmmm.....6969

    Way to fucking go, Bud Head!!!! :D Are we allowed to do the 6969 dance out here or do we need to get in the box?

    ::: doing the dance anyway :::::::


    (Stylez called shotgun for this thread a few weeks ago!!! He's the man!!!! Well, Bud Head is the man...but Stylez is the man! :) )
  6. shit.. i've been kepping my eye on teh count for the 7k, which will require yet an even more amazing new dance. ;) Little did i realise i'd have to get jigging for a double 69! :D woohoo! go bud head.
  7. Thanks Styles and my toking buddies...... I am thrilled to have done it with ya'll!!!!!!
  8. That was the 6969 post as well!!

  9. We all seem to love the same numbers~
  10. im not a dance but ill try!!! happy 6969!!!

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