Budgeting for First grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kroptonik, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've been rounding up money for my first grow and know that to start off i will need the tent, lights, nutes, fertilizers, ph gear (up/down, tester etc), fans to cool things down. yadda yadda yadda. but what I was really wondering was at around what age do the plants really start to put off a noticable stink that would start lingering out of the enclosed grow space? I know i'll need to get a carbon filter fan sooner or later, but god damn are they expensive. so about how long would I have between planting and the stinkfactor to round up more money for the fan?
  2. a few weeks into flowering, i get tons of great info reading grow journals, oh and a great way to save on a tent is one of those porta closet from wallly world or target that are 16-50 bucks, some are better than others and with a few mods there great.
  3. the portable closet is an okay idea but i really dont think it would help with the smell, it would make it worse if its some cheap nylon especially.
  4. Already have a tent on the way anyway. So I've got plenty of time until I absolutely need the cf fan and have some ona gel to hold me over until I can get the fan. Thanks for the help :)
  5. Kroptonik how are the girls doing in flowering?
    Cant seem to find any pics of them :p
  6. haha they are doin pretty damn good. it has been like 2 weeks since i've taken any pics :eek::eek:, and I wont be home until sunday, and harvesting probably tuesday (unless my jaw drops when I get home from vacation, then i'll be harvesting when I get home). I've had a friend watching them for me since I left on friday and he says they are blowing up since I left. I'll make sure to take some pics when I get home and i'll post em in here. but there are a few pics of the girls scattered around on Sammie's thread ( http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-g...y-skill-level-welcome**-159.html#post11507947 ) but like I said all are like 2+ weeks old :rolleyes:
  7. Ok well to be honest. My house stunk about 2 weeks into veg no joke lol. So I got the carbon filter ASAP. No joke ull have a mean plant smell reeking. Can't wait for the flower smell XD

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