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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Bell Gardens Yoda, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I'm considering purchasing either a Bestva or King Plus for my 4x4 tent. Should I get one 2000watt or two 1000watt?
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  2. Save your money and Buy either a QB setup or If you don't want to have to do anything a Mars Hydro light.
    I bought a Bestva and returned it and ordered a QB96 for $99 I just added a 2nd one 4 months later and it just go added to the existing driver I had.
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  3. I use the king plus as side lighting in my hid/led combo grow and i wouldnt trust it alone over a canopy! It puts out good light but quality defiently reflects on the price
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  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford to light the space with a Mars. I am currently using a 1500 watt King and had wonderful results in a 3x3. With a 4x4 I need more coverage. I have to stay under $250.
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  6. I realize that the light quality of cheaper LEDs is lacking. I am new at this and I need to spend as little as possible. I am currently harvesting about 12oz. per 4 plant grow with the 3x3 tent. My King 1500 won't grow 6 plants in a 4x4.
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  7. @JoshuaE
    Check out that link I posted. It's a complete kit with driver and remote dimmers which I don't use but that work.
    That kit has everything, two of the 288's mounted on a big heat sink for less than 200 bucks.
    I have 3 of them now and plan on getting one more.
    Check my journal in my signature to see how these things produce. First time I got 1.3 GPW and never did break 1 GPW with a HID setup.
  8. Thanks. Sure do like the simplicity of plug and play. I've never looked into anything with a driver. I will look it up.
  9. Will one kit cover a 4x4? How hot do they get? I definitely can't upgrade my ventilation.
  10. I will check them out, I have one of the hlg 260 watt kits and I love them also I hit 1.4 with them first time out, . this last run I used the 96s and I just chopped them with similar results . $200 is a great price
  11. They run cooler than anything else on the market. Definitely check out @HardDrive link
  12. One is shy of covering a 4×4 but for your budget this is what you need you will never regret using or buying qb lighting
  13. Ah one kit and the light he's already using, then later on add another kit.
    I run 3 kits and 4 QB 120's in my 5x5x6.5. I would like to get rid of the 120's and add one more kit. But last night I was measuring the light output and was getting around 90k LUX in spots directly below the lights and at the edges of the tent around 45K so I had to raise the lights.
    Yeah it's over kill but more bud comes with more light
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  14. You need 28 watts per square foot of the Samsung Quantum Boards .
    The Cheap Led grow lights ( Blurples ) you need 48 watts per square foot .
    You need 450 watts of the Samsung QB's for your 4x4 tent .
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  15. Does that mean I need 900 from my cheap lights?
  16. 48 watts x16 square feet=768 watts
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