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Budget bong options ?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Ebolling45, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. looking to spend no more than 50 , really like some of the puff labs but havent seen many reviews of them . Tired of the harshness of a bowl hit . any recommendations ?
  2. You can get a decent piece but probably not any big name brand type piece, but a lot of those are overrated/overpriced just for a label in my opinion. For that budget I’d just go for china glass or an acrylic
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  3. If you want to spend $50 or under just go to your LHS and get an acryllic bong, you will be able to get a big one for like 30 bucks.
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  4. If I were going with non glass I'd get one of those foldup rubber bongs so you can bring it on hiking, camping trips.
  5. That’s a nice piece dude. Amazon has some low key great glass. Like the quality of the actual glass itself isn’t going to be top shelf but they got nice cheap pieces that look cool, function well, and riiiip.

    Personally I feel like people romanticize heady glass and quality local made stuff too much. If there’s 2 pieces, exactly the same in every way but one is quality glass and the other is china glass, there’s not going to be much of a difference if any at all. You’re buying a bong/dab rig, not eye candy. Just my opinion.

    I know a guy who will spend over 500$ on a rig because it’s super heady/ “top quality” buuuuuttttt I’ve hit all of them and some of them are actually shit, he’s too proud and they’re too expensive for him to admit it tho. They look super cool but that’s just not how I’d shop

    Oh yeah, you can drop your bong and it won’t shatter? That’s super cool.... I don’t plan on dropping my bong ever:confused_2:

    Lololol I rambled
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