Buddy Is In The Hospital

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Moofie, May 23, 2013.

  1. This kid I've known for awhile is going crazy.  About a week ago, he just started acting.. weird.  He'd talk about time travel, he said to another guy "I know you're time jumping".  When driving past cops, he'd say we have targets on us and they're after us. 
    Every time you'd say something to him, he wouldn't make any sense.  It wasn't too bad at first, but he's now in the hospital as of last night for ten days.  Seriously, you'd ask him something and he'd jumble out some complicated nonsense that would just confuse the shit out of you.
    I don't know what's up with him, I heard he was asking for some (bad) unmentionables, but he was drug tested and showed up only for weed.
    I just needed to vent.  It's scary, he's a real cool dude.

  2. Sounds like a severe case of schizophrenia. Could have been possibly triggered by cannabis use but we don't know what other drugs he's used. A lot of drugs don't stay in the system nearly as long as cannabis does. Hope he's ok though.
  3. Dude that sounds real bad :( hopefully he's not done something too strong in the past. Cannabis SHOULDN'T have done this to him so I dunno. Hope he's ok.
  4. Check for Schizophrenia in his family, if its in his genes, weed could of played a part unfortunately :/
    The unmentionables could of passed through his system and not come up on the test tho
  5. Sounds really similar to whats happening to my friends buddy. Thinks random SUVs are undercovers and stuff. 
    Your friend might be getting into trouble with other substances. The guy I know of, use to abuse this 1 substance , and he is currently abusing some RC thing. 
  6. I'm sorry ]: maybe he was on some other drugs that just didn't stay in his system long enough for a test. Um, when I started to use other drugs, I started feeling like I was going crazy, I started having some of the darkest fantasies ever, I became obsessed with some of the thoughts. Just a bit crazy.
  7. yeah he has schizophrenia. Weed prob caused more of a chemical inbalance in his head. you gottta watch out weed isnt for everyone.

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