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  1. i'm running into something strange..my plants in my hydro set up have been flowering for 2 weeks and when i switched them over i switched to the bloom formula..now i'm seeing a nitrogen def.leaves turning yellow and dieing off....mostly the bigger older fan leaves...i decided to switch to a 50/50 mix of bloom formula and a grow formula for a few weeks till the plant is a little further into flowering..would this be the best procedure..
  2. The fan leaves, and others, will naturally die off during the flowering process. This is because the plant is using all of its goodness to produce the bud.
  3. thanks for the input...iv'e grown several times before but this is my first hydro and iv'e never seen the leaves dieing off this early into flowering. iv'e allways grown in soil before...the whole plant looks kind of droopy which i know is normal..this is also the plant that is budding heavy and fast..i went and did the 50/50 mix anyway...due to the fact that at the rate it's going this thing wil die off in about 2 weeks and thats a little early for this strain...i'm not sure what the strain is but iv'e been growing this same bag seed for about 4 years it's a sativa /indica mix..it usually finishes up in about 8 weeks..so when i change my nutrients in 2 weeks i'm gonna go back to the straight bloom nutrients..i'm hopeing this will stretch out the flowering just a little longer so i don't loose yeild.thanks again...also where can i buy a cheap PPM METER .all the garden centers are closed this time of the year and i don't want to buy grow supplies off the internet unless there is no other choice...thats why i change nutrients every 2 weeks.. iv'e had only 2 problems growing hydro and they were both nitrogen deficencies....this shit is awsome veg time went from 6 weeks to 4 weeks to get a 2 ft. plant..gonna be a happy holiday season for me...

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