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    Cant figure out this bay area climate or am getting bad clones from the cannabis clubs. This is my second outdoor batch this year. Seems like after a month or so of veg something just triggers them into flower then they wanna go back into veg. I attached some pics so you can see what the leaves look like. Should I put them in darkness for a few days so they stick in flower? I am beginning to give them 1-4-5 hoping they stick in flower mode. Thanks

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  2. wow what?????????????/

    they could be flowering because of the drastic light change... they dispensery could have them on 18/6 and you puttin them out at 15/9 could trigger flowering..

    maybe iam just to stomed to make sense of what u typed:wave:
  3. im just frustrated. look at those bud site pics and that nasty leaf sticking out. I planted them march first and it seems like they are begging to bud but at the same time they are trying to veg and they just cant figure out which way to grow. I dunno take a look at the pics and you'll see, they are bolting
  4. your not making any sense.....your post title says budding to early ,then you go on to say that you wanna keep them in flowering.....

    are you sure they arent auto-flowerers? they automatically flower when mature and need no light change.
  5. Sorry bro, I am saying that the plants have gone into flower, for about a week now. Today I looked at the buds and there are bolting leaves comming out of the sites. I want them to stay in flower because they are already 5 feet tall and dont want the buds looking crappy. I had this problem earlier this year where the plant never fullly devceloped because it never went one way or the other. Did u look at the pics?
  6. your right.. i would also assume the plant is confused on what it wants to do.. what kinda sunlight is it gettin n how much?
  7. Outdoors at least 7 hours of direct light right on theem Its pretty sunny in my yard. I dunno what the deal is.
  8. id cover them with a trash bag for 12 hours a day until light/time change.if in the US......keep them flowering....
  9. My Plants Look EXACTLY Like what You Just Showed .. As If You Took a Pic of My Crop ..lol I am So Pist That They Started doing this .. But I am Going to leave them In .. I pulled One and Planted another Next to the 4 left in the ground .. I Hope they Kick Ass ..

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