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  1. hi all am a newbee at this i planted a seed 2 months ago the plant is about 2 foot tall and started budding :hello:am growning it in soil in a 5 ltr pot the buds are about 1/2 inch big should i put it in the dark now for 12 hours or should i leave it in the green :confused:

    please help also the tips of the fan leaves are getting a little brown am i over doing the nutes

    any help any one could give would help very much

    thanks space boy :smoke:
  2. Leaves will start to brown and fall off because the plant pulls nutes and energy from the leaves to produce the buds
  3. Put it on a strict schedule of 12 hours light and 12 hours COMPLETE DARKNESS. Any light in the dark time might cause hermies
  4. Do you want it to bud now or do you want it to grow full season?
  5. as i said am new to this so if i got it right .if i bring it in for 12hrs dark it will be ready sooner .if i leave it out it will get biger will the buds be more
  6. If you put it in a dark room for 12 hrs. a day it will bud now and be ready sooner.


    This plant goes out in the sun 12hrs. and in a dark room for 12hrs. every day.
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    Awesome plant
  8. Pretty damn good for a newbie I'd say! But I've never grown so idk :p
  9. I'm doin an outdoor perpetual harvest this year. I got plants that are flowering they go outside for 12 and in a dark room for 12.

    I also have plants that are goin out permanetly for the whole grow season.

    I expect way more pot off the plants that are going out all season.
  10. I've got a grow journal if you want to check it out. It's in my sig.
  11. ok so what will happen if i leave it for whole grow season. end when does it end
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    Do you mean when do you harvest?
  13. Can you post some pictures?
  14. yes when would i harvest and i cant work out how to post some photos
  15. You said your plants are budding. If you want to keep them out all season they would revert back to veg. from what I've heard.

    The way I post pics: upload pics from your computer and start a photo album on here. Right click on the pic. you want to post and go to properties. Highlight the address and then copy. In your post [​IMG]

    It would probably help us tremendously to see some pics.
  16. Now if I was you, I would do what I suggested and put that outdoor for 12hrs. and put it in complete dark for 12hrs. unless it's an autoflower strain.

    I think it would be a very bad idea for you to leave it out.
  17. That's a nice plant. Do any LST on her?
  18. yes it is a autoflower strain easy bud i been feeding it on worm poo and nettle tee which i make . as it a auto flower does that mean i can leave it to carry on :confused:

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