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  1. Hello I am a very new grower and I have seen a lot of plants that are just HUGE and they hardly have any buds on them. When I look at mine they are very small compared to the ones I'm seeing but mine already seem to be budding. Im just wondering if it's something I did or if they are just small. This is my very first time growing, some tips would be very appreciated

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  2. Was this grown outdoor, if it was it could be that the light cycle has changed to make it flower earlier, or it might just be an autoflower so it starts flowering early. And don't worry about how small it is, they usually double or even triple in size from flowering to harvest time
  3. Where do you live and when did you put them outside?
  4. Unless those are "auto" strain seeds...which go through their life cycle on their own regardless of what the grower does and what the lighting schedule is, etc., you just put them out too soon this year. Not only does the plant have to have OVER 12 hours of light to keep it out of bud when being grown outside, the LEVEL of lighting has to be a certain strength before the plant counts it as light. So don't think of 12 hours of daylight as from when you can just see light outside to sunset. The same thing happened to me once. Late may or early June is a great time to put your plants out to finish. We did that last year and they each got well over 6 ft. tall and we harvested several pounds from 4 plants. But if those aren't auto seeds, you just put them out too soon. It's not too late to start over either. TWW
  5. I live in California. We bought them and just put them outside right away. It was in March when we go them.
  6. Your name implies that you are underage.

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  7. Sounds like you may have put them out to late.

    They may start vegging again in June ..
  8. What the white widow said if their auto flower plants they will flower when ready
    Sounds like you purchased them as clones which i find start pre budding early. Looks like most of yours are prebuds anyway and as stated by widow they will increase in height during this stage.
    Next time maybe plant seeds which tend to grow slower also buy seeds and you know the genetics usually..use lst or fim training which certainly wont promote budding just growth. Also growingin cocoa coir which i prefer they may take more time rooting.

    Hope that helps
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  9. A number implies that I am underage? Okay, you sure are smart. How about you post something that implies to my question instead of making stupid assumptions.
  10. Set out in March they are about ready for harvest.. Take them by June 1st or so.. Study more on Photoperiod plants and learn just what you can do in Ca .. In the southern half of the state we can flower outside all year long.. You just need a vegging area to put some size on them first..
    My veg space is an old garden shed with 4 T5 high outputs..
    My spring plants that went out on March first.. I've already take the 3 on the far end now..
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  11. Maybe you should call the cops bro

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