Budding and Seeding Plants close together, good or bad?

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  1. I have a few outdoor plants this season and was wondering if anyone knew if having seeding and budding plants close together will be ok. Or should I pull up the seeding plants?
  2. This is an unnecessary thread. If you had spent even five minutes reading about growing herb you would already know the answer to this question. The info that can be found on the subject--not just on this site--but on others grow sites is practically limitless. When you ask questions that have already been answered many, many times, you not only clutter the forum with crap, you send a message that you are not serious about what you are trying to do. Nobody wants to teach a lackadasical student. Peace.
  3. sorry man, new to forums, son just showed me this site because i had a question. i did search however but i did it, the criteria i searched didn't reveal any relevant results. i'll search more. while i do appreciate you taking the time to read my post, please do not respond unless you have the answer, or can point me in the direction. spare me the rant and rave about searching, you could even be as simple as saying yes or no. he told me this would happen.
  4. Since i have already found the answer to my simple question. I want to say quote you so you can again see the degrees of lame you are. The "serious" part is the lamest. this is weed we talkin about. you one of those noob patol forum geeks. Smashing all simple questions and inquries anyone may have with that same bitch ass messsage. Go outside, and get some action eh. Believe me, i have much more of a life than to ever consider myself as your "student". hope u feel proud of yourself. now what do i gotta type to get my account removed.
  5. I'm sorry you're offended, but if you read the stickies at the top you will find the first piece of advice to those new to forums is to look around a bit before posting questions. Chances are your question has already been answered.
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    First of all why would you grow a plant without researching for a while before you actually plant the seeds. I cant believe people just decide to grow plants one day and think it will work without atleast having some knowledge about the plant. To tell you the truth I hardly do anything without researching it first even everyday activities.
  7. I have been growing for years, don´t know what is being referred to by ´budding´ and ´seeding´ plants.
    Females produce both the buds and the seeds, have no idea what our enquirer means.
  8. Come on boys play nice.... LMFAO.. danko you know as well as I do that sometimes it's better not to even waste your time with a reply. I mean come on... If you replied to every post like this you'd be on here 24/7 and not even put a dent in them all... But I'll answer your question there braveally.. Marijuana has a male plant and a female plant.. They both have "flowers" the males are more like a pollen sack than a ture flower however if the male plants grow to maturity in close proximity to a mature female plant the male pollen will pollenate the female and she will produce seeds in her "buds" or flowers. So this is why you don't want a male marijuana plant close to a female marijuana plant, unless of course you want alot of seeds in your buds. The less seeds in your bud the more smokable herb you have. Seedless female marijuana flowers are called sensimilla. That is what everyone thrives for when growing.
  9. You can´t actually get your account removed as such. Just don´t come here anymore.

  10. Why do MJ growers always manage to spell that wrong??

    The expression is sin semilla - two words, Spanish for ´without seed´.
  11. Budding obviously means flowering plants and seeding plants mean males.
  12. Come on cantharis, cut me some slack... So I made a type-o but thanks for pointing that out..
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    Sorry, hillbillyman no harm meant, it wasn´t actually a typo as such, all MJ growers seem to make the same error.
    Maybe I am just pedantic.

  14. Glad you thought a seeding plant was OBVIOUSLY male. As females produce seeds, didn´t appear so totally obvious to me.
    Anyway, the thread originator has got pissed off with us and thrown his teddy out of the window, so it´s all rather academic now.
  15. LMFAO. I guess I was a sort of rough on the little fella.
  16. danko it is pretty fuckin' funny though!!! I just can't believe some of the questions that get asked on the forum sometimes. I mean there is a whole world wide web right there at their finger tips and they can't even take the time to do some simple research on their own.
  17. Absolutely, some people can´t seem to make the effort to do the simplest google for themselves.
  18. "He told me this would happen" WTF
  19. Why is this thread two pages and when I ask a question , I get nothing. Walk away from this thread. If I were admin I would delete it.
  20. Hahahahaha!

    I had trouble understanding the message.

    I thought "budding" was a female that wasn't pollenated and "seeding" was a pollenated female that was doing seeds. And both were somehow in same area!

    I also wondered if "seeding" was baby mjs sprouting and budding was fems with buds.

    That's why people were confused here. So seeding = male with balls (="the seeds"). Budding = fem with buds.

    Solution: Cut down the "seeding" (male) plants. Wrap plastic bag gently over them , close around main stem and cut at bottom with knife. If too late and "seeds" (=male pollen sacks :D) have opened you'll get a lot of seeds proper. Also watch for hermaphrodites (some buds with threads coming out of figue shaped mini pouches AND also little balls (pollen sacks) knit in together (both sexes on same bud site, and on whole plant of course). Cut those out too. Dry both and smoke.

    If sacks weren't open you get no seeded weed, the ultimate goal. If males opened up, crop can be ruined (you just get a little weed in between the seeds).

    Come back to this cool site!!

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