Buddha Loved the Buddha? Say What?!

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    Hey I realized something about the Five Precepts, or the five rules one follows as a Buddhist. The last precept is usually defined as "don't use intoxicants", but if you read the literal translation from the Pali Canon (the oldest and most likely most accurate representation of the Buddha's teachings), it says this:
    Surā-meraya-majja-pamādaṭṭhānā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṃ samādiyāmi
    5. I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness.
    So literally, the Buddha said not to drink alcohol. That's it. What about cannabis? Let's take two things we know to gain perspective: one, Buddha lived in India, fricking INDIA, like, the place where ganja friggin comes from; two, Buddha grew up as a prince in pimpin' style, so you know he smoked bud (though he probably stopped when he became, you know, all enlightened and stuff). So why didn't he explicitly ban ganja if it was an addictive, destructive substance like alcohol?
    Is anybody else starting to smell something funny, like the office of a grade school art teacher?

    Just a thought,
    Strawberry Coffee
  2. The short answer is that he didn't say that weed shouldn't be used, what he warned about was that meditators shouldn't do anything that would hamper the creation of mindfulness. If you can drink or smoke and not lose mindfulness then you're fine. It's not a rule per se, but advice to meditators.

  3. Yes I know that too much of anything worldly, especially drugs, can hamper one's meditative practice. But you must realize that alcohol and ganja were the only recreational drugs in Buddha's time (opium being brought in by Muslim traders to India around the 10th Century AD) If he wanted to he could have just said "intoxicants" like so many English translations have generalized, but the exact translation from Pali is "fermented drink" (which is copied word for word in the Chinese translation, believe it or not) Now why would he choose alcohol and not ganja to prohibit?
    I think he saw what violence alcohol could create amongst warriors, yet the peaceful sadhu sits and smokes his chillum, contemplating the greater mysteries in life.

    StrwberryCoffee out
  4. my personal interpratations is when it comes to intoxicants he meens "man made"

    i dont take pills or drink alcohol.

    but i consume and smoke the ganja and take a occasional journey on mushrooms(very rare) to think about things and to understand them better.

    as long as you dont partake of man made destruction and live by buddhas rules of peacefullness im sure he wont mind.
  5. You're right. Alcohol leads to aggression, not just lack of mindfulness so it's far worse than weed. As weed doesn't hamper mindfulness, when used correctly, he didn't mention it. In fact I and many other Buddhists use weed to aid meditation, it's not something we frown upon as a whole (some do) - unless it causes a lack of mindfulness.

  6. The Middle Path is the way. I would think the moderate use of cannabis is the middle ground between the extreme up of cocaine and the low downs of alcohol or heroin.

  7. weed and alcohol weren't the only drugs, i'm pretty sure psylocibe mushrooms have been around...forever

    And um...I just want to point out...

    Psylocibe mushrooms are all primary decomposers (the most hard core form of vegetarianism, you only eat already dead stuff)
    And they produce very potent neurotransmitters...the mycelium of fungi network in the ground like neural connections,
    also wanted to point out that in India cows are sacred animals...you might wonder if it has a connection to psylocibe mushrooms...I don't know...it seems probable

    then you take a look at alcohol...which is the waste product of yeast (a fungi)

    So its like, you can either consume the fruits or the waste of this kingdom of primary decomposers that allow for terrestrial life on earth to exist.
  8. Yes, Psilocybin cubensis does occur in India, but there is scant evidence for its usage as compared to Mesoamerica. I don't think Buddha used it. But who knows?

    StrwberryCoffee out
  9. If one is following the precepts, one might refrain from intoxicants: so no alcohol..it's easy to give up, you won't miss it later on. Is replacing alcohol with ganja just trading vices/addictions?

    downside: you will receive a lot of harmless insults because you choose not to drink (this arises from the other drinker's anger at your non conformity)
    upside:you will receive respect from many people, and can be the designated driver & take care of intoxicated friends or family. It's not fun, but you can keep them safe

    The precepts are not strict rules, but more of a set of 'moral guidelines' that you choose to follow, or not follow. There are some situations that warrants breaking precepts (ex. stealing to feed family), Buddhists debate this often, you won't become a hungry ghost for breaking precepts :p

    However, if one is serious about their practice, one will probably progress faster by abstaining from drugs, keeping a clear mind. In time, you realize all the reasons why you were using them in the first place (be it an escape from reality, trying to fit in, etc)

    That being said there are Buddhist countries like Thailand who drink everyday :p

    How does ganja help your meditation, to the people who stated that?? Just curious, it seems like more of a medicine to me
  10. I'm not a Buddhist, Christ is the way for me.. and ganja seems to help put me into the meditative state and become the living image of Christ/God .. It also seems to make my body more receptive to what some call 'Kundalini' ...

  11. i use ganja and mushrooms personaly because as ive stated im new to this philosophy and i do my best to abstain from material possessions.

    but being around so much commercialism and hate it helps when i become depressed or angry with our world to calm myself and think clearly about the situation or to remember ones such as yourself exist and do care

    it helps to preserve my hope at times.

    i would like to be able to see a world with lush green plants and free herb and love everywhere.

    id like to tell my children that when the time came the people of this beutiful planet made the right choice.

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