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Budder Pick up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KushFarmer, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. yo what up GC... ne ways quick question (first one ive had in a long long time lol)
    ne ways ive heard u smoke budder with butane lighters.... but i dont have one so will a bic be ok... pack er up in a bong and torch?

    ne ways i just grabed a new gear bong 18 inch with ice catchers a diffuser and a bubler bowl / ash catcher

    half g of hash oil
    half g of budder
    and a 8th of some dank dank big bud x skunk

    ne ways i wanna hit the budder tonight so i look forward to responses.
    peace and love.
  2. Post up some pics before you smoke it all.

    Just put a lil budder on top of some weed or put it in a volcano vape.
  3. Yeah man, post some pics. Budder is fucking AWESOME! :hello:
  4. Not goin to lie, I'm finally confused. What is budder?
  5. ^^^ It's basically an emulsified bho or iso extract.. They heat up the iso, and stir vigorously aerating the iso as it cools. the result is a creamier textured extraction/hash called budder.. very pure potent stuff... Never tried it myself.

    recipe in this thread.
  6. Toke report
    just smoked about not even .1 scaled it out
    pretty baked cant really beleive it lol... soon ill put .1 of big bud .05 of budder and some oil in my bong lol
    ne ways ill post pics of everything soon.. im on my buddys piece of shit lap top thats not typing properly lol...

    toke on
  7. The original creator of Budder used a different method and ended up with something that was like ~99.6% THC. That method is just making the BHO/ISO look like Budder by whipping it up.
    Not saying that BHO or ISO hash that is whipped up like that is bad, its just not "real" Budder.
  8. i'm not gonna lie, that is my dream bowl right there. like, to the t (larger proportions).
  9. i wish i coudl afford more but due to funds im savouring some of the best products u can get in van city... the world realy and espesiacly with budder.... i also went to boston pizza chied and munched out and drank a few brew...
    great day

  10. Then what does the budder king use instead of a bho, or iso extraction to get the trichomes off the plant material? What are the differences in budder kings "secret" recipe, and this one shared on icmag? I'd like to try making some shortly.
  11. Mister Postman, your correct.

    Budder is just a strain specific deal. Its been busted on many websites, and reported that he is only trying to scam with a new look.

    If someone offered me budder at whatever the charge is, id say fuck that. I could make some kick ass oil my damn self. and whip it up.
  12. The bud has to be literally covered in crystal on top of crystal. Our favorite strain is a dark, short plant, almost purple, that comes from a Berry variety mixed with some Bubblegum and White Widow. Budder is strain-specific and base material specific. You can taste different strains of Budder, kind of like how you can taste in honey what flowers the bees used to make the honey."

    budder king him self
  13. So your saying a person trying to sell you something at a higher price wouldnt lie;)

    Not only that, he does do that... but theres people on here, and other forums making shit just as good at a fraction of the cost..
  14. Trichomes are trichomes.
  15. Yep.

    Technically speaking, wouldn't kief be even better than that?!
  16. Budder is amazing.

    Ok you can make yourself a nice little budder kit, similar to the one Budder king sells for 75 bucks, for about 5 bucks.

    You need 2 BIC lighters, one empty, one full.
    1 Regular plastic writing pen, the common kind, white tube, black or blue cap.
    1 metal Art Tac (Like the tac you use on a wall for a poster, but all metal, not a plastic layering, you need the art kind for all metal, go to a craft store).

    Ok, take your empty lighter, and dis-assemble it. You want to get the spring out of it.

    Also cut open your pen. You see the smaller plastic tube inside, holding the ink? Towards the top, there should be a section without any ink in it. Cut that part out, 2 inches long or so.

    So now you have 1 working lighter, a small plastic tube from inside the pen, a spring from the lighter, and your metal tac.

    Take your lighter, you see the little bump the gas comes out of? The goal here, is to make the plastic tube that came out of the pen, attach to the bump. It might be too small, so try twist it on, and if it does not fit, use a steak knife, to take away some inner layings of the plastic tube, and do that until you get it to fit snugly on the bump.

    Ok, now you have your working bic lighter, with a plastic tube coming off where the gas comes out.

    Now you want to take the spring, and attach it to above the plastic tube on the pen. I had to bend my spring, and turn it onto it about 4 Millimeters for a secure fit.

    Now you have your bic lighter, with a tube attached to the gas outlet, with a spring attached to the tube.

    So now if you press the gas on your working lighter, and take your non working lighter (which you will keep for a sparker), use the sparker, where the metal spring is. The gas should flow through the lighter, through the plastic tube, and to the tip of the metal spring, which you can light on fire.

    So you can now have a lighter with the flame coming out the metal spring.

    Now take that art tac, and put that on top of the spring that goes on fire, this is now your "hot knife surface".

    Secure the tac by bending the pin, and getting it stuck in the spring, it hard to explain, but you should be able to do it easily.

    Now, it is complete!

    How you use it is this. Get a piece of hash, budder, or whatever on a Paper clip.

    Take your sparker, and light the lighter with the tac on the tip of it. Leave it light for 15-20 seconds, until the end of the spring turns red from the heat. Now let it cool 1-2 seconds, and touch the budder/hash to the top of the tac, which will cause it to start smoking instantly just like hot knifing it.

    Now you can use a straw, soda bottle top, or whatever you use when you hot knife to hoof it in.

    This works great, it is basically a portable hot knife system, where you don't need a mess of things like knives, a stove, etc. You can do this in your car, and not have to worry about fire hazards.

  17. I am not sure what you are implying. Are you saying, that since trichomes are trichomes, they should all taste, smell and smoke the same? That is not true.

    The taste, smell and quality of the herb, really transfers into the budder. If you smoked lets say NYSD and then northern lights, and then tried NYSD and Northern Lights budder, you would be able to tell the difference, and know which one was which, from the smell and taste.

    Budder is more of a novelty item.

    Personally, I don't mess with any extracts, hash, budder, If I do it is just for a good time ya know. I would personally rather just smoke the bud ;)

    do ur research... sure it could be potent but it aint the same bro...
    all the jelly budder u see on here is just a glass format of oil

    budder is budder because of the taste and the specifiactions

    other air whipped oil is just a mimic... i mean it will still get u baked.... but after smoking this (the legit shit) i coudlt imagine anything being more potent.

    keif is far less potent... still has plant matter and other things.. do ur reading

    peace and toke on
  19. Oh i thought the taste from the bud, like blueberry, was from the bud, not the trichomes.
  20. whats glass?

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