Bud that grows on the leaf?

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  1. what the fuck is that?
    Ive only seen pics of it online.
    does anyone have a grow journal where they grow bud thats on the leaf?
    Or what strain grows that way?
  2. On the leaf? Thats false from everything I have ever seen or heard bro.

    If that was the case, male plants would produce bud.
  3. lol its just stupid people that dont know where the buds come from so they think it grows on the leaves
  4. Actually, there are some strains that do grow a mutated budsite on the base of the fan leaves. Ill have to do some searching, but I know Ive seen a least one strain with this characteristic.

  5. First 'pheno' of this type I've ever heard of.

    PLEASE see if you can find the pic again... I'm currently experimenting on bud-oddities either by environment or influenced (example:I'm clipping the end of every leaf to create a squared box plant that doesnt resemble bud hardly at all to see if it promotes resin development during flower)....

    So I could use the info and would love to grow one!

  6. cool experiment

    why do you think this would result in more resin development?

    wudnt it just stress the plant a little?

  7. Well it's kinda based on what I've seen with a normal plant... fan leaves are crucial for energy development, true, however during flowering the key to bigger bud sites is more light penetration. I have considered trimming a significant number of fan leaves off completely, but this has always been suggested as a horrible idea.

    So rather than removal, I'm going to try and simply reduce the fan leaf size - giving it an odd look and also allowing a significantly higher amount of light to penetrate to lower bud sites - hopefully resulting in a larger production of resin.

    We'll see. I'm doing this with a 4 clone setup - all in soil - 2 clones are my 'controls' while I'm trimming up the other two. I'll be veg'n them for another 50 days or so to get em nice and full, then flip'em over... Strain is Serious Seeds chronic... perhaps I'll do a grow journal for it.
  8. People might get that idea from pics like this, I've seen this one online millions of times.
  9. thats some shit lets see the pics:hello:
  10. yup ive seen that pic everywhere too.
  11. Yeah thats what im talking about does anyone know what strain this is?
    I want to grow some bud like this on my next opp.
    The more leaves the more bud. :hello:
  12. dude no strain does that, its a fake pic simple as that.
  13. Bollox thats a fake there are no resinous hairs on that leaf that nuget was probbly superglued on there it just dont look right.
  14. HIGH All, don't know about the pic above....but I grew one in 03' and it was called King Bud. Here is a couple pics. here's a link.

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  15. Not so....http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?recnumber=300

    "Somanna formerly Soma Wide+ is the only strain with cannabis Chinensis a type that grows in China, it has a very interesting characteristic of sometimes making an extra budlet on the stem of the large fan leaf."
  16. i learned something new :)
  17. Weird dude. I grow and ive never seen anything like that in my life.[​IMG]
  18. I have one fan leaf off a blueberry plant that had a tiny bud growing from the center of the fan leaf. I have only seen it once, but yes it can happen. Might be a mutation.
  19. I have a bud growing from close to the base of a fan leaf. I'll try and upload a picture if i can.

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