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Bud tastes bad now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlizzyGotMeDizzy, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Why does bud taste bad to me now? Blunts, joints, bowls, etc. all taste bad to me.
    It’s not the bud because my friends that I smoke with say it tastes amazing and I’m dumb asf
    I thought after a 2 month tolerance break it might be back to normal but nope still hate the taste lol
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  2. Does it make you feel sick? It's possible to develop an allergy to weed. I think the most common symptoms of that are, 1: it tastes/smells bad to you, and 2: it makes you feel sick/puke.

    Another possibility is it tastes bad to you because of something else you're smoking/eating/drinking beforehand.

    Answers, I have none... but those are a couple of possibilities. :shrug:
  3. I my mind no kind of burnt weed actually *tastes* "good"'re not tasting the plant really, you're tasting it getting burnt.

    I think joints SMELL pretty good...and don't taste horrible...but I myself have never tasted weed I'm smoking and actually enjoyed it on flavour basis.

    Why'd it taste good for you before, and why doesn't it now?
    I dunno. Everyone's different - but it is what it is.

    I'd suggest moving over to (herbal, not liquid) vaping ASAP and then you both solve your problem (because trust tastes spectacular) and you can tell your smoking buddies about what good taste REALLY is.
    The tolerance break you've had will really help the transition as well.
    You probably won't do this, but hey, I'll always suggest vapourisation to anyone that I can.

    Good luck anyways. If all else fails there's always edibles I suppose.

    ***nb: If you're/they're mixing tobacco with it, that's a pretty huge reason it'd taste like shit***
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  4. I hate the way it tastes and I have terrific weed.
    I’m spoiled by extracts.
  5. How funny....I think most extracts taste horrible.
    Some weed tastes really fantastic, as good as it smells, and I want to make edibles out of it because it tastes so fine.....while other weed might have a pleasant aroma until you burn it and it tastes acrid like horrible smokey green wood or that depleted bowl ash crappola when you think there's one last hit, but nope, just fire straight to the lungs.
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  6. One of the reasons I love Headband is because it tastes delicious! (To me at least). Ditto with Gelato. Granted, I only vape flowers, but to me vaping is nowhere near as tasty as smoking.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of the taste of weed either, I love weed and the effects, but the taste not as much.

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