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  1. I'm very kushed right now, :) I just wanna know if the experts on gc use bud sweeteners and or a flushing agent during flower and a week or so before harvest. These products sound good and give solid pitches, but still can be a waste of money! I don't wanna waste mine, help!

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  2. I use florakleen from GH it comes in their go box of nutes, I use it maybe 4-5 days before cut and yeah I deff think it helps in flavor and getting rid of  extra nutes no longer needed, also I will start removing all leaves about the last week and a half to remove nutrient stores that are no longer needed...hope this helps a little....
  3. Sweetners are a complete waste of money in my opinion, never used flushing agents
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    All complex carbohydrates can do is feed bacteria, good or bad... plants don't uptake sugars.

    Flushing hydro is denying your plant food when it's finishing. :(

    Instead one might eliminate Nitrogen & cutback on Calcium & Magnesium for the last few weeks.

    Running water over the roots does nothing to "leech" unwanted whatever out of a bud.

    If overfed late, damage is done. No washing it away.

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  5. I've been using a ripening agent in my last week of flower.

    Dry koolbloom powder. Its extremely hot but 1 bag will last a LONG ass time.

    Measure it out to 1 gram per gallon of water the last 3 to 5 days of flower.

    In my experience it works magic.

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