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Bud strains and prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by McPuffer, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. When i go and buy bud i usually buy in very small quantites with and 1/8th being the most i buy. Well i decided to just buy enough bud for the school year this time cause ive heard that when you buy big you get a better deal. Well thats true for me apparently. Im getting an oz of "good kush" for $310.....any idea on how nice of bud this should be? Any pics? Also can you tell what kind of high bud will give you by the looks of it? (body high/mind high)
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    The strain doesn't depict the quality, it's how it's grown, dried, and cured. Just because it's "kush" or "white widow" doesn't mean it's going to have a high thc content or a nice smoke. If it's grown well then it will, but it's up to the grower. Not sure what "good kush" is unless he's talking about the quality, but then is it og kush, hindu kush, or purple kush?
  3. Says its Cali Fire Kush.....never heard of it before him saying it

  4. Haha, that is the worst name I have ever heard a dealer call weed... Complete bullshit dude. Names mean nothing. When you get the bud, look at it. Is it crystally? Is it hairy? Is it a good green color? Does it smell good? These are the things you should use when deciding if bud is good.
  5. You should ask him to share a bowl with you so you can see how good it is. If you get a full O I bet it's gone by Christmas:smoke:.

    Depending upon where you live you may want to consider posession laws as well.

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