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  1. Hi folks,

    Of course when my first crop matures I will need an entire humidor. Unlike this one that shares and can fit about a quarter or so grass, along with 60 permium puros.



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  2. wait man, now, im high, but i aint crazy, u dont mean to tell me you got the weed in the blunts... i mean thats what you'd mean by bud storage,... if u got the weed in them blunts, i want u to come roll me some blunts...
  3. Ha ha.

    You guys are funny. No I actually dont roll blunts with my stuff. Some of those dark {maduro} cigars are so strong that they alone if inhaled can knock you on your ass.

    I just keep my "going to be smoked" stash in there. I find that the grass seems to keep well with just the right amount of humidity to keep bud fresh. Dont know how long it would keep in there. I keep smoking the shit up. Ha ha.

    Anyway you guys do have a good idea about the blunts though. Maybe one day I will try that. I will let you know how it is.


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