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Bud soaking in ISO for... months? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pitchin, May 21, 2010.

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    So apparently, in an effort to make hash, my friend said that has been soaking bud "in a jar for months" in iso alcohol. I did not know this. I immediately wtf'd. She probably didn't do her research, considering everywhere tells you to soak it for 24 hours TOPS. I'm not gonna say anything, yet... She said that she's gonna start evaporating it tomorrow.

    I've searched and haven't found anyone else that has made this mistake. So my question is to you blades, does anyone know what it's going to be like after MONTHS of soaking? Is it just going to taste god awful, or is there some kind of danger in soaking it too long?
  2. Being ignorant, I would just throw that shit away... But someone who's more into hash might shed the light on whether or not she could still use it.
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    More like 30 to 60 seconds tops to make top shelf stuff, using frozen bud. Soaking it too long just extracts chloryphyll and other crap.

    Look in the 'Harvesting and Processing' section here for several good stickies. AugustWest has a great ISO tutorial, I have one for a slightly different method, and then there is Hashmouf's hashmaking thread.

    EDIT: I'd throw it out too. I wouldn't even bother with it.

    EDITED EDIT: Here you go.

    AugustWest's QWISO Tutorial
    Hashmouf's Guide to Homemade Hash
    OSG's Golden Goodness

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