Bud smells like piss!

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by mrcherryhead89, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. I've had this stash for about 2 months now, and its beginning to smell like urine! Google says some people piss on the plants as fertilizer, so it might be that...could it be mold? Wtf?! Smokes fine btw...

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  2. is it rotting?
  3. sounds like your smelling ammonia ...usually its the bacteria on things that are just starting to rot ........mac,
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  4. It was too moist. Rotting in the bag.
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  5. You arent doing it right until your piss smells like bud.
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  6. Even if someone did feed it urine as a fertilizer it wouldn't alter the smell of the bud. They're not pissing on the flowers of a plant. The few who do it add it to the soil. Probably cut with water also.

    Lots of growers add things that aren't pleasant smelling and it doesn't effect the taste. Grab a wiff of fish emulsions sometime. Had piss been added it would of been used as a source of nitrogen. Nitrogen would be added in the vegetative stage, the buds wouldn't have even formed yet.
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  7. i had some cat piss that really smelt like cat piss. so stinky but so good.

    on another note when i was a farmer in nor cal we had a few plants that sprouted from our septic tank we called the hershey kiss. by far the best plants on the property.
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  8. I've read about a fertilizer that smells of piss even had such weed once.
    It was dank apart from the slight note of catpiss.
    It's not overly dangerous unless it's sprayed on the bud.
    Nonetheless you should find a better source catpiss can't be good on long term
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  9. "Recent scientific studies have shown urine is a safe and very effective fertilizer for cabbage, beets, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and pretty much anything else you want to grow. Urineboasts a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (N-P-K) ratio of 10:1:4, plus more modest amounts of the trace elements plants need to thrive."

    Piss yeah, I've read a lot of theories and applications in post apocalyptic novels how human waste will be rationed and stored for growing things and some other shit. Would make for a good experiment in a next grow during veg state
  10. Sorry OP..Couldn't resist..LOL
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  11. And you save water because you don't waste 2 gallons every time you piss.

    Piss weed will save the world
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  12. If it had a piss-like smell right off the bat, that would be one thing and it would be just fine, there's a handful of strains that have that trait to the way it smells, plus there's the fertilizer one for some. It smelling like piss long after the fact when it didn't smell that way? Trashcan.

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  13. Yup, we wont have to treat and clean all that water. Imagine if we had a way to instead funnel piss from households into storage tanks for agriculture
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  14. Looks fine. Just smells.
  15. Is that my fault? Was there something i could've done to prevent it? How can i reverse it?
  16. If it was not dried properly, you would have to give it more time to air. I'm not sure of the point no return.

    Cigars that are not fully dried will develop an ammonia smell in a humidor. It usually goes away in 6-8 months, but it does not hurt the cigar.

    Dealing with trichomes is much different as they degrade over time (unlike a cigar).

    Insuring a good dry is about the only preventative.

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