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Bud smell important?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CRKTE, May 14, 2010.

  1. So a lot of those guides on "how to tell if its good bud" are usually like see if its kiefy and crystally look for red hairs etc. A lot of those threads say that smell is the most important thing in determining quality. Do you guys agree with this? I mean yea sometimes you get that sticky smelly good bud. But sometimes i get good bud that isnt really all too smelly kinda smells like kief but not like smell it through the bag and my pocket, sometimes not even really too strong of a scent but like it kinda smells kiefy kinda like im smelling the kief in my grinder. idk i hope that makes sense? lol.

    and i know its not grit weed or anything so don't say that hahaha.:p

    TLDR; does bud have to be really smelly to be good bud?
  2. It really all depends on the bud. It dosn't necessarily mean anything. Could just be a different strain that smells a little better. When ever I get bud that smells fresh and almost tingly it has been some dank weed though.
  3. Its not everything but smell its important. Just make sure it doesn't smell like fertilizer or chemicals, you want to always be able to smell a clean earthy ganja smell when you buy. Press/gently squeeze the buds to check if its fluffy or dense, either is acceptable, but most times mids will be more dense where as homegrown/upper grade stuff can tend to be more fluffy. Just use common sense and buy from a respectable person, before buying see if you can "sample" the product. That will help a lot in the judgement of your purchase, or buy from a friend's dealer if they are getting good pickups :)
  4. just make sure it doesn't smell stale. that and its stickiness are all i've ever needed.
  5. Smell doesn't always mean it's great.

    Some strains are known for their lack of smell (Black Domina being an example)

    But it is a pretty good indicator.
  6. Alot of times you'll find undercured dank that looks heady as can be but just doesn't have the right stench. Doing a second cure can really develope a bud's flavor and smell.
  7. I'm intrigued, how does one go about a second cure?
  8. Make sure it's dry enough then put it in a Mason Jar for a couple of weeks, airing it out once in awhile.
  9. the stronger smelling the bud the more myrcene it has in it. if you smell the bud you'll get higher because the myrcene helps thc cross the blood brain barrier. its like eating a mango before you smoke.

    normally higher myrcene contents are found in danker bud.

    Bud smell is important as it is an indicator of dankness.
  10. The answer to your question is yes and no. Yes it can be an indicator of good bud, but i've smoked middies before that smelled really good and strong.

    You have to use your sense of smell paired with your other senses. Look at it, smell it, feel it and, of course, if you wanna know for sure if it's good bud just smoke it!!!!
  11. The simplest way to tell if it's some really good stuff using the smell is if you notice that you physically cannot hide the smell, no matter where you stash your weed. When I have like an 1/8 or so of solid dank stashed somewhere, my car, room, hallway, roommates room etc. will all have a hint of the smell. I've never had really dank weed that didn't stink the place up in the best way possible.

    I guess some strains just don't put off too strong of a smell. I don't know where exactly I saw this so don't hold me to it, but I think I read in dan k's thread of a pickup of (master kush maybe, i don't remember) that didn't really smell but it smoked super well. So it's possible.
  12. No, but a stronger more pungent dank smell indicates that it's not very dried out.
    Along with a bud that smokes well and tastes decent, a pleasant aroma is good way to top it off.

    Every strain smells different anyway, but there are many that smell similar. The best way to tell wether it's "good" or not is to just try it out.
  13. Yes and no, theres plenty of fine strains that dont reek but ar as strong n tasty as stinky stuf. LA conf is strong but not exactly stinky

    Also i gently squeeze of break up bit of bud then smell it if at first theres no smell. but its normally a good indicator but not the only one.
  14. I find when you get dank ass bud with no scent, when you break the nugs open, it unleashes the hidden smells within, ive actually never had dank bud that didnt smell when being ground/broken up.....
  15. The taste /smell of rag if different from kush. Rag is usually bad unless it's GOOD rag, which isnt even as good as kush yet .

  16. lol what..... it isnt even as good as kush yet, you know kush is a strain, that can be grown well, or shwagity as fuck...... kush is not in reference to quality

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