!!!Bud Shots!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chris Lopez, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. check em out




    Note the droopage ^



  2. wow man you have serious balls, growing on an apartment balcony?

    PROPS to that! nice buds
  3. i kno lol
    im so parinoid its not even funny
  4. Paranoid?

    I'd be fucking terrified!

    Those buds look very tasty, though.
  5. they are...some of the best stuff ive smoked in a while.....do u think i should just harvest now and cut my losses.....workers are starting to do roof work on the ajacent buildings and the plant is pretty much in plain sight
  6. Sounds like a good idea, unless you can move them somewhere new. I don't know shit about growing, though.

    Those are making my mouth water.
  7. since she is so close to done and workers are close by id prolly harvest her soon
  8. Now those have been in flower over a month, looks like more about 6-7 weeks, if that's the ones you're worrying about, then yes, harvest them.

    And that droopage just means that your buds are fatties, nice job, c-Lo!+rep
  9. thnx for all the responses guys!!!
    ive decided to chop her down tonight!!....il post some pics of the harvest when im done.....i have to wait till dark cuz i dont want any of my noisy-ass neighbors peering into my fukin bussiness.....im a little sad i cant let her go for longer, ill miss just gazing at her through my window in the morning with my coffe and blunt....but o well, what must be done, must be done
  10. :eek:shit...some of the fluffiest buds Ive EVER seen...ever....props bro..

    +rep for these pics...I practically shit myself when I saw these.....

    ....seriously though
  11. dude how much did you yield off your grow?
  12. Ya! this is a nice grow man!! what strain is it?? A++++++
  13. Gj on the grow! Hope you have fun smokin that or sellin w/e you do
  14. hahahaha one +rep for the bomb buds and another +rep for having balls of steel id be shook as fuck if i had that tree on my balcony
  15. wow, teach me. Those buds are great, they look like some nice quality indoor buds that some ass would sell for 50 a slice. Most of the time when i see outdoor buds i think of this loose, leafy barely any bud... bud. But yours, is beutiful. Could you give me some tips on your soil, ferts, strain? I would realy appreciate it.
    If i new how to add + rep i would.:rolleyes:
  16. so what happened chris? didnt' get into any shit did ya?

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