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  1. Pix to come soon. But I have to DWC's in my closet and its about 2 months into flower, the pistils are starting to curl up and turn orange, some of them at least. I just started flushing. My problem is, it kind of smells wet in there and the buds are squishy, should they be rock hard?? I just started flushing I would say its got bout another two weeks, when I touch them my hands smell very 'good'. Also another reason I would suspect is my lack of ventialtion, theres a fan in the closet but I dont have exhaust/intake although I have started to leave the door open during the light cycle during the day. Thoughts, advice??
  2. Also the leaves from the suspected cola have started to whither forming 90^ angles almost. THe tips are curling down
  3. Or are there any treatment options if it is bud I cant find it the stem are still pretty intact and I cant find anything in the bud. perhaps I am just freaking out, however I will say that conditions are cool, and are humid because of DWC, so it makes sense.
  4. Trim away all dead growth. Leaving dead growth in a humid environment is catastrophe.

    Hope all is well, bud rot can destroy a entire crop in a short minute.
  5. still have those pictures?
  6. Anybody use baking soda to combat bud rot?  
    How much should I use per gallon of water?
  7. and smoke it after the baking soda soak?
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    I froze mine (per excellent GC recommendation) for 18 or so hours in a good, cold chest freezer and it slowed the budrot so much it looked gone - made it way easier to dissect the shitty parts
    2oz went into the freezer, 1.5oz came out ... 0.5oz of raunchiness went to that asswipe with the cute sister as a distraction ... it paid off big time  :metal:
    I'd feel bad, but it was free and I did tell him it was shitty - he thought the mold made the smoke stronger
  9. You really need to get those pics up here and quick
  10. Lost only about as much as you could roll in three/four joints. I believe I'm rather fortunate this season since it's been so rainy. Harvested over 20 so far with the monsters yet to come... one Vanilla Kush and one huge Himalayan Gold

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