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Bud Rot, Bubblehash, and hashish oil questions...

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. First off and most importantly I am interested in the topic of bud rot, for various reasons. Most importantly though recently i came across quite a bit of something which was called Maine Berry Haze by the gentlemen who had apparently grown it inside for 11 generations now. Massive buds, quickly expanding and pounding, brutal smoke. very psychoactive, stoned sativa. Reminded me allot of the Dutch Haze which I had bought for a few years in VA, but more orange, and dryer. The Dutch haze had been quite oily, and this bud was pure weight, 100 percent dry. The large majority of the THC content in the dry crystallized outside. 3 of the Oz's were all huge, massive and perfectly round, long bud, about 1 1/2 inches thick. At the bottom, and only in one bud, i found that there was a 1-2 inch portion that had some very bad bud rot right under the top of the bud, not really visible without looking closely. I examined the rest of the bud very very closely and none of it has any mold. I cut out the rot and put it together by itself. I made sure to get red of all of it before i put the rest back in the bag. First off is it true, as i have been told, that smoking this can lead to serious lung damage and is a poor idea?Even if not, Is it still possible this may spread, and if so what precautions can i take to ensure it does not?
    Also, I am interested in a way to use this 4 -5 grams to GET HIGH. Ha... I was told by a well informed friend that it might be possible to use a process in which you freeze the bud, or mix it with ice...? He has mentioned this process could lead to bubble-hash or maybe just marijuana that can be smoked. If this is true, could somebody post, or post a link to directions for this process. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Also, what is the proces in which one woudl extract hashish oil? How much marijuana do you need for each oz of hashish oil assuming the marijuana is good and oily.
    Lastly I have around 10 grams of kind Kif now and am interested in the best way to make the best hash. I am, as you can assume thinking about adding the kif to hashish oil. I assume that would be a mind blowing high. What is your opinion as to the best way to make this into the strongest, tastiest hash? Again, I thank you for your insight and time.
  2. strongest hash is BHO (butane honey oil), search for it.((for kif))

    As for the rotted buds, I dont know if bubble hash is ok but ive heard of people making Isohash or Qwisohash from rotted trim/nug... I would say you get 1g for every 3.5g you put in... ((rough estimate))

    Im sure someone else will come along and chip in...
  3. From my admittedly limited experience with making extracts from moldy product...BHO is definitely the way to go if you're going to do it at all, which I still don't recommend. There are different schools of thought about what affect the polarity of the solvent (in this case butane) has on the mold...for all we know, it could make it multiply. The bottom line is that you should cut your losses and get rid of any moldy herb.
  4. Really? There must be soemone who knows if this BTO process will kill the mold...its a yes or no in the world of science is it not. I dont mind cutting my losses, but i woudl like to make a gram of some awsome hash with this stuff and it woudl be worth the time for me to do it. I would have fun no doubt. Is there a link by chance to that process?

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