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Bud price

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cvpothead, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I live in Boston and I pay 65$ for 3.5 gram of kush is that a high price compared to the other states?
  2. The average price for an eigth is $60.
  3. To most states i think no.

    to my state::laughing:
  4. Here in Michigan for me it's
    3.5g- 55$
    7g- 110$ ;(
    That's usually the bulks I buy in. So yea your eighth is a wee bit too expensive for me
  5. yes, i pay 40-45 in tucson az
  6. This makes me appreciate being Canadian.. I get the same or better quality for much cheaper.

    Standard in Quebec:

    30$ - Eighth of an ounce
    60$ - Quarter ounce
    100$ - Half ounce
    160$ - Ounce

  7. Just beacuse your in canada doesnt mean its gauranteed you get the same or better quality.
  8. Green brick - $15 8th
    Good mids - $20-$25 8th
    Headies - $50 8th

    PA here...
  9. danky dank bud 3.5 (1/8) $55
  10. Green brick - $15 8th
    Fluffy mids - $20-$25 8th
    Headies - $50 8th

    PA here...
  11. dammit i've said this 100 times and i'll say it again, your CONNECTS are the ones that determine the price of your bud, not the state!!
  12. #12 S0UR, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    That's true.
  13. ^^^^ exactly true.. but i will vouch that north east coast is more expensive cause i moved to fl from md and anywhere between 55-75 and eighth of DANK there is 40-55 down here. All depends on who you know like dude said but the area also has a norm that you can't really stray too far from if you want to make money...
  14. +rep for Boston Dank! hahah i love Boston, theres a ton of dank here, but yea thats what i pay for an 8th of Dank.

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