Bud Light

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  1. Why does everyone rave about this beer. Its not even beer. It has no taste. Only thing I give it credit for is its a nice one to get drunk off of because it has no taste and its not filling at all. Miller Lite has much more taste and is the same thing. People who are in their bud light days need to drink a Pale Ale or a Stout and see what beer is really all about. Fuck man my honest opinion is if you wanna drink bud light get natty ice, its cheaper and its the same thing. Also I can relate this beer to cold water and alcohol. Coors original all the way for American Lagers by the way.
  2. .... fuck that shit bud light is beer, beer tastes like beer regardless. sure there is a small differences but who gives a flying fuck. im sorry man but im just feeling like you think your "too good" for bud light.

    but when it comes to beer i guess im with you on the coors but honestly just give me a fuckn drink i dont care.
  3. I think he means more of a... "your missing out on so much more" thing... trying to get people to try something different, but of course it could have been worded a lot differently.
  4. It's obviously a good beer, considering it's #1 selling light beer in the world. What's so light about light beer anyway? Less cals, less filling, less alcohol?

    They should make a light beer that's 5%
  5. Fuck light beer.
  6. yes to all 3

    im drinking a bud light right now, its good but id rather have some regular bud or heiniken, i gotta drink like 15 bud lights to get drunk, then im pissing every 20 minutes

  7. Calm down there buddy- no need to get into a swearing fit haha.

    Anyways- there are more than small differences. Have a dark beer (color) vs. a light beer (color). Or have a beer brewed with fruits, or an ale vs a lager. And even with lagers- have a pilsner vs a bock.

    There are major differences in flavor.

    And I agree- Bud Light sucks. It is like water- good to drink if you just want to get buzzed/drunk slowly without a heavy beer taste.

    I like a good Killians or Long Trail over Bud and the other more commercial brands.
  8. I can't drink until December, because i'm on accutane (nasty shit). MOst people an't afford to drink imports, it's not worth it. My favourite american beers are Sam Adams, any Miller, and budweiser ofcourse. Like beer actually doens't taste so bad, it just tastes like easy drinking beer.
  9. exactly what im thinking

    i like strong beer
  10. Sam Adam's is the shit. Expecially Summer Ale :D

    Hands down the best commercialized American Beer.
  11. i will drink bud light when people have it, but never purchase it myself. depending on my mood i always either go with heineken or if im feeling cheap few 40's of OE. dont know why, but i love it and its dirt cheap
  12. Light Beer has never once failed at giving me a headache WHILE I'M DRINKING IT!!!

    I personally think Miller Lite is the worst of them all, but thats just me. Yeah, I'm a budweiser guy, but I like all strong beers and will drink pretty much anything. Just not light beer.
  13. MGD is a flavorful beer.
  14. ya bud light naw...

    if i want somthing cheap i just live the

  15. i cant drink beer, im elergic to somthin in it wich sux, but bud light sux, no doubt about it
  16. Budweiser has rice in it. Rice has no place in beer if you ask me.

  17. I agree with KSR, FUCK light beer. Miller lite isn't too bad.

    Bud is absolutely disguisting. Watered down, and not full flavor. Sam Adams Boston lager is the shit man.

    Fuck bud. Miller, Michelob, Sam Adams, they're the ONLY beers I'll drink. Yueng Ling on occassion too :D

    But, I'm much more of a Vodka person...
  18. First choice - Corona Extra
    Second - Budwieser
    Thrid - Miller Highlife

    Fuck light beer.


    Corona is like, The girliest beer besides Keystone.

    Bud Sucks balls.

    I like #3.

    Haha, sorry bro. We just have different tastes. I'll drink corona or heineken when I'm already drunk though, lol.

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