Bud Light 40oz Bong

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  1. I finished making this today. Hardly any draw on this bad boy, and it rips hard.

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  2. Damn that's so sketch...

    Cop: Son are you drinking and driving?
    You: No I'm smoking and driving.
    Cop: O ok, in that case your still going to jail.

    save yourself some time and get something better bro.
  3. Why so much hate?
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  5. Not trying to hate, just trying to look out for him.
  6. lol, that shit is stupid.
  7. Nice for novelty lol put it up and bust it out at parties n shit... All u guys saying its bad for sittin in his car make no sense, obv hes not using this as a stealthy piece.. He was probably just smokin in his car wen he took the pic.
  8. Haha sorry bro, your comment just sounded a bit nasty and there are some blades who just tend to be spiteful for no reason. And I don't think he's actually driving around with it there or anything, it's just a unique homemade piece, and on top of that it's almost entirely glass which is pretty cool for homemade in my opinion.
  9. Yeah I'm not an idiot, people haha. I don't drive around with that in my car. The point is that it's a homemade glass piece. Plus it brings a few extra chuckles to rip a 40oz Bud bong :)
  10. hope you cleaned the glass dust out

  11. The only part that's not glass is the epoxy I used to bond the whiskey bottle neck to the side of the 40 in order to hold the downstem, which fits snuggly in the hole I drilled, so smoke doesn't even go into that part.

  12. I cleaned it out several times before I hit this thing. There was no alcohol or glass in it at all.
  13. i like it :)
    cool. haha.
  14. Damn bruh that's fi af.

  15. its all good if george green comes through, that guy is dummmmmmmmmmmb

    other wise this piece is fucked in the head.

    "knock knock.

    fuck off, i got work to do" :smoking:
  16. and used an adhesive that doesnt give off vapors from heat or chemicals that dissolve into the water/smoke...

  17. the epoxy never touches the water or smoke and is far enough away from the heat of the downstem that it isn't effected by it. other than the fact it looks sketchy af, it hits like a dream (better than my SYN 1fter if you ask me) and is as safe as any other glass piece. anyone hatin now is just jealous :D
  18. I wasnt tryin to hate man and Im glad you like it, blaze on!

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