BUD HEAD!!! Everyone else come too...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. ...and I didn\'t so much mean come, ya know...

    By the time you get here, I bet you will have done it so....

    ::::doing the 5000 posts dance...naked, with bells on::::

    I feel like I should maybe do something else for such an important occasion but dancing is gonna have to do!!!

    Congrats for having a mind that churns enough for 5000 friggen posts!!!!
  2. Aren\'t I fucking special..

    A BUD HEAD get your ass in here thread..

    No dancing this time.. Time to blow the pud!! You know what I mean...

    For this special occasion i have a joke!!!!

    This man is in the desert. He has a meeting on the other side in a couple of hours..
    The only way to cross the desert is by Camel.

    He decides to rent a Camel to get across.

    He searched the rental places for a camel with no luck.

    Finally at the last place he is told there are no camels for rent.

    He looks out the back and sees a cmael in a pen.

    He ask the rental person about that camel.

    The rental man said you don\'t want that camel.

    Why asked the man.

    Because he will stop every few minutes and you will have to jack him off before he will take you any further.

    The man thinks and decides he has to get acroos the desert for his meeting..

    So he leaves on the camel..

    A quarter of the way the camel stops..
    The man gets off and jacks off the camel

    He gets almost half way and the camel stops again..

    Again the man jacks him off..

    About 2 thirds of they way the camel stops again.

    As the man tries to jack him off..... the camel starts side stepping away.

    The man finally looks at the camel and asked whats the fucking problem?

    The camel looks back at the man and blows through the his lipss.

    Some times being dancing isn\'t enough!!!!!!

    * Puckers lips, looks at RMJL and blows*

    HAhhahahahahhaa rotflmmfao!
  3. Anyway....I\'m gonna do it! Don\'t try to stop me...I\'m gonna DANCE!!!!

    ::does the 5000 post dance for BH::
  4. I made a boo boo and had to edit my post^^^^^^
  5. Ok...so the camel wanted a blow job? Or did I totally not get it? And do we need to move this to the box since I said \"blow job?\" I suppose I could have said something like the camel wanted dude to go down on him but he\'d really have to go up cause camels are pretty tall.

  6. Holy crap!!! That was funny :D :D
  7. OMG! You are so BAD!!!!

    You edited your post then I posted stuff that others are going to say \"WTF is Rumjilly-o talking about?\"

    ***At least Hempress knows what was there before the edit!
  8. You rock RMJL!!!!!1

    A smart woman too.. I guess i will have to brighten my jokes a bit!
  9. So what about it??

    Does that work for you??

    Would you give for the cause??
  10. Dude, if I did that, you\'d never leave me alone!!!;)

  11. Would you want me to??

    I know a nice foot exercise for women that you\'d LOVE..

    It has nothing to do with the hands!
  12. What is your \"cause\" BH?
  13. Oh come on, Bud Head...this is me...I know all about the foot exercise you speak of!!!

  14. Don\'t understand \"cause\".

    What happened to your other post?? I seen it! lol
  15. LOL....I deleted it b/c I was confused....you guys were talking about feet, and I thought you were talking about your camel joke....so nevermind! :D

  16. that cause! :)
  17. zah-wuh?

    gah hey?

  18. Over 5000 post and tired of dances.... need something more....

    LOL....I deleted it b/c I was confused....you guys were talking about feet, and I thought you were talking about your camel joke....so nevermind

    We are talking about the joke! And BJ
  19. oh...well then there was no need to delete my post....silly me :p I don\'t feel like reposting it tho
  20. Aw come on.. I really liked it!

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