Bud from the Burgh

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Whats good people im just your local Bud from Pittsburgh. HMU @RockinNotkin

    I smoke almost all day every day and love it and have been for 3 years strong now.

    Whatsup Grasscity?
  2. Heyy dude...I'm also from the Burgh...how's it going?
  3. whats good ? digging this rain today pshh haha just smoked up a couple bowls bout to go back out. What aboutt u? Did u go to highschool here too? I went to dice
  4. This rain's bullshit!!! I was at school all morning...just got home. I had big plans to go out and do things tonight, but this rain kinda makes me just want to sit in the house. So do you live in the city?
  5. yea i live in sq hill haha hbu? and i kno right...gunna sit in my crib and toke up today for sure.
  6. Ahh I used to live there. I heard there's a pretty cool head shop somewhere in sq hill...any idea what it's called?

    I live like, 5 min outside of lawrenceville.
  7. oh thats whats up theres a shit ton of raves over there lol and yea theres 3 actually, smoke wizard, Continental smoke shot and another one on foward ave where it meets murray. They all ahve different items and are fucking legit
  8. So here I am driving all over the damn world to find a head shop, when there's 3 of them right there in squirrel hill? Fuuck...lol.
  9. haha forreal yea there nice continental on murray is the best

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