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  1. So I just needed a second opinion on wheather I should hang my buds back up or leave them in the curing jar. I clipped them after 3 days of drying when I clipped and jarred it all up it was dry and crispie on the out side but I guess being in the jar it's pulling all the moisture from with in and my buds are soft and moist again
  2. Drying times vary greatly depending on a number of factors, but generally 3 days is not enough for a proper dry.
    Get it out of those jars asap. If the cannabis has re moistened to the extent you are alluding too, you will ruin the curing process if you keep it jarred.
  3. Take them out for another 1-2 days or until the stems snap when you bend them, then put back into jars wait 24 hours and check, if still dry and snappable seal them up if there wet then take them back out.
  4. Alright so I put them out for the time I was at work and they dried out a lot and they're jarred back up that's guys!

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  5. The trick with drying is to keep the buds from drying out too fast. Decent size stems take at least a week to dry out at proper drying temperature (high temps during drying degrade the THC).
    Whenever the buds get too dry while the stems are still wet, you lose flavor and quality that you can't get back.
    So many people try to speed up the drying process, but anything that causes buds to dry faster is counterproductive and detrimental to flavor and quality.
    The trick is to not use high temperature, and little or no air movement to dry the buds so they take a full week to dry and don't get crispy dry.
  6. So do you recommend not using a dehumidifier? And whats a good temp for your dry room
  7. As str8 said, that quick dry speed dry shit is awful for your crop. The flavor and potency changes and it doesn't smoke well. My growmies uncle used to do that shit back in the day and I would know in 2 seconds and hand it rite back to him. Slow and steady wins the race here.

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