Bud Candy & FF nutes

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  1. Can i use Bud Candy and Cha-Ching together for my final flushing?
  2. You can use them together but shouldn't use bud candy after week 6 of flowering and for flushing you should not give the plant any nutes...... Use water 6.2- 6.8 ph two weeks before harvest and that's all ( 3 gallon pot needs 9 gallons of water 1:3 ratio) flushing takes nutes out of soil and plant for best possible smoke!
  3. Why does the water need to be "ph'd"?
  4. Look like a Job for the Search button
  5. Ph'd water is needed so the plant can take in the water properly ..... High ph is too base and low ph is too acidic for the plant to use water efficiently ...... 6.3-6.8 is perfect ..... If your like me you want perfection for you hard work .... Ph is a major factor for perfection

  6. I'm sure you can use anything together, just check your pH and read the labels to make sure you're not using things during teh incorrect weeks as i think someone else on the board already mentioned.

    I just find it too tricky to use nutrients that aren't in the same brand since I'm just not sure how they will work together since they weren't developed to work together.

    But hey, it's your grow....good luck with whatever you decide.

  7. A plant will take up water no matter the ph. The plant wont take up nutrients when the ph is off NOT water.
  8. And,again,this iys for flushing?
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    Yeah I agree with you this is why i said EFFICIENTLY..... Improper ph with watering or nutes can create problems down the road .... Flush i guess it doesnt matter bc your killing her soon ha....And holy ref yes it's for flush or reg watering

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