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Bud burn?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by treetopgrower, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Hey i got two plants in flowering, they started budding awhile ago, but i only got them under the 12/12 light about 3 and a half weeks ago, the one plant has nice and moist bud, but the other seems to be dring out. The bud is getting crisp, and the leaves are going yellow(bus leaves, no fan leaves) and are crispy. I thought it might have been light burn, but i put the two plants at the same distance from the light, and the one bud still seems to be drying out, even the lower buds? does it mean i need to harvest? the trichomes are about 50% orange, maybe 75% lol, any ideas? should i just harvest? or is 3weeks not long enough?
  2. hey are you growing an autoflowering strain? if not ur plant wont have started budding indoors untill it was put on a 12/12 light cycle, 3 weeks is no where near enough time for them to finish on average they take 8-9 weeks from the first signs of budding,
    when you say the trichomes are 50% orange are you on about the hairs? as the plant will only just have started to produce trichs at 3 weeks of 12/12 & they wouldnt be maturing yet
    your plants got quite some way to go before its ready to harvest, & it sounds like your plant has got some issues can you post some pics?
  3. Hey thanks for the interest. So i have two plants in budding, one is the mother of the other (cloned) what happened was i had started this plant about 8 mounths ago, i was starting it off inside and was gonna put it outside, i evned up keeping it inside, so i could counite to clone it. After one clone, it started to bud a wee bit, that was quite some time ago, maybe 3-4 mounths ago, but i only put it in the flower cycle, about 1mouth and ahalf ago, this is when the real buds came out, both plants are in very small containers, as they were just shitty plants i decide to bud. Ill get pics up soon, but some of the bud is going yellow, its dry and crispey, mainly at the top of the plant, but the lower buds are getting crispy too, i think i met just harvest it, i cant see it getting much bigger and its got lots of hair. Ill get pics though tommorw prolly
  4. Really, don't do that, it's almost certainly not done.

    If you want to give it a try, remove one sample bud and quick dry it then test it for potency. If it's too early and you harvest it, you will end up with unsmokable trash.
  5. Either my camera sucks, or its harder than i thought to get good pictures of weed, but all my top bud is going yellow and drying out, now the lower bud is also starting to dry out, the leaves turn yellow, an than the bud turns yellow. Its very crispy and whenever i touch it, nearly falls apart, its a plant that is very old, since about apirl, maybe its just dying of old age lol?regardless iam clueless, my other plant is fine, i think iam giong to harvest it tommorw, unless somone knows wats wrong, even if it is trash, better than all my bud going to shit

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