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  1. I ordered from them a while ago, never got an email from them until today. It said they are having trouble with they're payment system and they returned my money for my purchase back to my account.. With all that being said, they still wanted me to try and pay again lol.. Noooooo thanks....
  2. Why make another thread on this? What's the point?
  3. Gotta get it out there!! Didn't want to offend you but I'm not sorry..
  4. So go post it on other forums instead of purposely spamming this forum with multiple threads about the same thing?
  6. Budda aroma is a scam do not buy anything they will not answer any questions and do not get back to you at all about your order. I grow in a legal state with my license so I would have been buying a couple thousand dollars at a time glad I just tried it before I bought any real quantity do not buy from bud aroma not about the money just a shitty business
  7. They are horrible, keep putting the word out on these scam artists..
  8. I looked up the domain information for: BUD AROMA® Buy Cannabis Seeds Online USA Seed Bank

    Who is identity for everyone

    Whois budaroma.com

    Whois budaroma.com

    All domain registration information says Denmark, even though BUD AROMA claims to be located in the United States... Even though Bud Aroma says: “Bud Aroma is a cannabis seed bank located in Denver, CO. “ on their FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) page...

    There is not a registered trademark for BUDAROMA nor BUD AROMA nor Budaroma nor Bud Aroma nor budaroma nor bud aroma despite the fact that © BUD AROMA® - All Rights Reserved 2017 claims to by a copyright and trademark seed bank based in the United States.

    TESS -- Error

    Registered trademark symbol
    Registered trademark symbol - Wikipedia

    I smell a scam... too bad too, I was really hoping to get some seeds... too many things weird that DO NOT match up with this “company”. There is not a mailing address for Bud Aroma Seed Bank here in the United States anywhere. I changed my Money Transfer recipient to my husband since would charge a $15.00 cancellation fee... Now instead of the $15.00 cancellation fee we only have to pay the $5.00 transfer fee...
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  9. Don't use them there a bunch of thiefs. I spent 80 bucks and nothing gave me the fake tracking number three weeks after I orderd . The tracking number was delivered to someone in wyoming it's been a month and now they won't reply to my emails or call back. The website has changed and I can no longer access my account. DON'T USE THEM!!!!! WARNING BUD AROMA ARE A BUNCH OF JERK OFFS
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  10. I think the other thread was posted by somebody else.
  11. yes I made an order with them they took their time email me back putting off giving me a tracking number gave me a tracking number went to the website had it tracked tracked it to a cornfield in Mount Vernon Ohio it wasn't even close to what was on the order then they cut off all Communications will not respond to any emails give him a call and see if you can get through been trying to call him for a week and a half cannot get ahold of anybody I think this company uses the mail system to commit fraud deceive customers about where their shipment is for all I know they got they got the shipment destination set up also to say they shipped your shipment in actuality they're deceptive all the way through buyer beware I have boughten from the Netherlands for years you know only had one owner disappear from all the way across the world make one order in the states and I think I got ripped off deceived took an advantage of this company might be people from out of the country for all I know buyer beware
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  12. BUD AROMA is a total scam,i ordered almost 2 monthes ago and have gotten nothing,i asked for a refund and nothing.WARNING do not use these thieves.I have all of my emails and all of the lies and non responses i have gotten that i can post if BUD AROMA WOULD LIKE TO REPLY OR SAY I'M LYING.YOU MIGHT AS WELL FLUSH YOUR MONEY DOWN THE TOLIT AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHERE IT WENT!
  13. I will let you know, I ordered from them because I had trouble with my cc from a couple other seedbanks. I ordered some MOB seeds about 2 weeks ago and although my funds went through, it just says processing when I try to track the order through their website. I hope I haven't been scammed here and if I don't see anything in a couple weeks I will repost. Right now I am giving them the benefit of the doubt but I feel for 11 dollars postage I should know something. I was going to order more too when they came, I'm glad I waited. Let you folks know soon.
  15. reybud,i bet they got you thats all its going to say is processing,i ordered on 9/01/17 it is now 10/25/17 all most 2 monthes,i have requested a refund or my order several times and i've gotten nothing.try and talk to a real person and see how that goes.i would recomend sensible seeds they treated me right and it only took 7 to 9 days i believe to get my order.the only thing is they can't take a debit or bank card from the U.S. but they will work with you,like i said i used them 1 time but you get quick response to any questions about your order ,i will use them again for sure,good luck man
  16. also if you want to post and people want to complain about it don't let it stop you,you have freedom of speech no matter if your a new member or and old member,if anyone is bothered by that then they don't have to read or look at it much less take the time to bitch about it,there are alot of brave men and women who have gave there life to insure you that right,don't let anyone try and take it away. GOD BLESS-PS NOT TRYING TO START A PISSING CONTEST,JUST LETTING YOU KNOW HOW IT IS
  17. Like I said in another thread, nothing yet and no response either, it will have been close to a month by the end of this week. I sent them another e-mail giving them until Monday or I am reporting them for fraud or contact me I said. I will keep ya's posted, stay safe.
  18. Bud Aroma is a true SCAM! I ordered on 2/2/18, I paid a few days later. I have e-mailed them over 10 times and they almost never reply. When they do reply, they give me lies about shipping. I was told at least 4 times that my order would be shipped within 72 hours. Surprise! it never shipped! Then they always have BS excuses saying why it hasent shipped.
    I have read MANY posts over the last year and have read on most posts that the same thing has happened to a lot of people. They apparently have been "moving their operation to a new facility" for the last 1 year....IT DOES NOT TAKE MORE THEN A FEW DAYS TO MOVE LOCATIONS, EVEN IF YOUR WAL MART!

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