Bud and Bud

Discussion in 'General' started by pocket biscuits, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Yup, the title says it all, folks. I'm just chilling here on some tried and true Budweiser and schwagg. Budweiser beer is actually a step up from the cheap gas station fodder I usually drink, but it is lightyears behind the small order craft brews my parents buy. Either way, I will happily drink just about any beer except Milwaukee's Best. That shit makes me wretch upon tasting one single, solitary drop.
    And of course to make this a stoner post, I got some weed to puff on, too. It's nothing great, just some downtown brown I picked up to make the afternoon go by a little quicker. What y'all up to this evening?

  2. I just got a 12 pack of Budweiser “craft" brews the other day. Maaaan they got some good stuff brewing!
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  3. Chillin, dealing with a earache that's been pretty constant since Tuesday. Waiting on my guy to get back in town so I can get a half gram to help with it till I get my paycheck tomorrow.
    So far there's not a single beer I've tried that's drinkable to me but I'm way more of a smoker than I'll ever be a drinker.
  4. I definitely feel you on the smoke vs. booze, wicked. Too bad you're only picking up half a gram tonight. I might suggest saving up a bit more for a better deal but hey, none of my business. The only reason I'm even posting this reply is cuz I'm drunk and about to get stoned. LOL
  5. I'm gonna get more tomorrow I just have 10 right now and I get paid tomorrow

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