Bubblicious autoflower 2nd grow

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  1. Thought I'd bring my random Autoflower back inside lol she a Bluetooth I chucked outside bout 3 weeks ago as a prety sad looking around 10 inch tall thing n now she's bushed up quit nicely n around 2.5 foot atleast so thought bugger it il give her a dose of green clean to get rid of any free loaders n will chuck back in the flower room now have bit extra space lol
  2. image.jpeg She's trying to start flowering but only getting 4 hours direct sun outside so figure atleast if she gets 12 hours better than nothing lol
  3. Dealing with Irma here and no power. Not good not good. Might have to bring them outside

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  4. Mystery OG harvested. Took about 73 days flowering. Ended up with some nice stinky grape smelling buds. Now we wait


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  5. Nice mate well done
  6. The Bluetooth pictured above certainly looks a lot different now haha she's actually flowering quiet nicely under 12/12 main colas bout 3 inches across now I'm just gonna let her keep going though as not even any orange hairs at all yet still all white which is odd due to how big things are getting lol looks great though nice n dark green now :)
  7. How many weeks flowering you at? 3 in across?! Nice fattys.

    My next round already on day 33. 3 kings, bubblicious auto, Super skunk auto, and a mystery seed again. Mystery growing kinda weird, there are no bud sites really shooting up at all. Im thinking its a male but idk.
  8. Lol I actually have lost track of what week she's in I'm now just watching the hairs then will start scoping her for trich colour haha just starting to See one or two hairs changing colour here n there now so hopefully won't be long she's had an interesting life this auto haha been transplanted 4or 5 times now at one stage whole plant turned yellow n I gave up on her for few weeks n chucked outside lol then decided bugger it and threw her in the back corner of my flower room where she's been ever since lol but who knows all the punishment she's coped n got through might end up leading to some pretty punchy smoke with any luck haha
  9. Dang yea that sounds like some shit she's been thru. Throw up some pics when u can!

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  10. image.jpeg image.jpeg My abuse victim lol can't believe she's even grown flowers let alone the size they are already haha she's still got couple weeks atleast man worked out she's around 8 weeks or so at moment
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  11. image.jpeg image.jpeg This ones White widow max auto which I thought was going to end up crap as she was pretty lanky and sparse a week and a half ago then I gave her tent to herself n put from 12/12 as was in flower room with photos back up to 18/6 over few days and transplanted from a half full 10 lt pot to a 45 lt grow pot and well she's gone nuts hahaha actually looks like gonna be some really nice smoke now and half decent amount to
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