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  1. i've mainly been smoking out of Joints or blunts, last year i bought a cheap shitty vaporizor.. and long story short, i lost it to a friend who befriended me (lol). and so i thought i'd get a bubbler.

    i mean i had a pipe last year then broke it cause i figured i was going home (From uni) and it reaked and i didnt take great care of it.

    since then i've become a bit more appreciative..

    i'm looking for a new PERMANENT addition to my stash.

    i'm thinking a bubbler. its the perfect mix of pipe/bong, and its nice :)
    how should i go about finding a "good" one..

  2. btw. i dont understand this "carb" thing.
  3. A carb is a small hole, before your done with the hit you let go of the carb to clear the chamber, forcing all of the smoke into your lungs.

    just go to your nearest headshops and look around at the bubblers and find one that fits you. as man people say, dont choose the piece let it choose you.

    there are two basic types of bubblers Hammers and Shirlocks a hammer is hammer shaped and a shirlock stands on the chamber part and rises vertically
  4. oh thanks, i guess where i'm from we call "carbs" chokes.

    and i read in some glass guide to find a bubbler with a "big carb" is that entirely necessary?

    and im gonna take a look at hammers and sherlocks and see which i like more :)
  5. as long as the carb isnt drilled in or small, i think you'll be ok, just go to a head shop and let one choose you.
  6. We call them chokes in my area too. a big carb is not nessecary any size will do really. on my old hammer bubbler my choke was probly about the size of this (---) or so.

    edit: that is a nice looking piece
  7. how does one go about cleaning a bubbler?
    is it something you do daily? weekly?
    and should i be doing the warm water + salt then iso+salt every day/time i clean?
  8. frequency of cleaning depends on the person, im a bit lazy so i usually clean it every month or so but i try to do it around every two weeks. many people clean once or twice a week. it depends on your preference.

    use iso, salt and pipe cleaners with some warm water, when the iso and salt is in shake it around.
  9. you ever had a sherlock yourself?
    are they harder to clean (seeing as the chamber is under the bowl)
  10. no ive only had a hammer ( which i sadly broke about three weeks ago:( )
    im not sure if they are easier or harder to clean.

    picking up a bubbler that you can see through might be easier for cleaning also
  11. yeah ill have to check out the selections..
    3 head shops down town...

    butterfly effect (not the best)
    hightimes (my usual)
    organic traveler (my plan B)

  12. also thicker glass is preferable and is a very good quality to have becouse it makes it less likely that it will break

  13. once i bought a molecule pipe and it broke on my way home.. very then...

    and yeah, ill have to really think about my choice this time.
  14. whats a molecule pipe?
  15. umm
    lots of spheres connected to eachother like atleast... 8 or 9 if i can remember.. and then its just like a normal pipe, you light and inhale, and you see the smoke go from sphere to sphere..

    aka. biggest waste of my money :)
  16. is $60 an decent price for a sherlock?

    its pretty much what i gotta work with lol
  17. yeah thats a decent price
  18. heading to my headshop in a little bit i'm excited!
  19. mine in my avatar was 70, its thick glass, big carbs help to make it so u completely clear the chamber and no extra smoke goes through, make sure the downstem of it is not just one rod going into the water, but diffused, and a good sized bowl, pick up a pack of screens it helps to keep it clean better, and make sure when u rip it you dont have water going into your mouth.

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