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  1. alright im gettin this bubbler and the guy whos makin it for me says it has a removable bowl with the stem and shit for easy clean up or sumthin. is this a good thing or a bad thing cause i cant find any like this online

  2. yeah dude, sounds good indeed. if you can just pop out the bowl for an easy cleaning, that makes it all teh better. any pictures?
  3. nah man not yet. im hopin to get it this week sumtime but when i get it ill try and get some up
  4. if its rubber grommet, its not good. If its gong, its good.

  5. What's the difference?
  6. rubber grommet uses a rubber ring to create a seal between the bowl and the rest. Gong (glass on glass) use ground glass fittings so that its glass that seals. Nothing but glass, cleanest smoke.

    Personally, I prefer my bubblers to have push bowls (same kind of bowl as pipes, just pushed into the glass). I find that cleaning isn't that much of an issue, especially if you use something like simple green that you can just soak your pieces in.

  7. Ahh alright dude thanks. Well ill get pics up when I get it.
  8. hey whats up i had a custom double bubbler made... but resin always got stuck under the glass where the bowl was...

    having one with a slide would be easy to clean and you could get different slides or carbon filters or sumthin[​IMG]

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