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bubbler water

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by werdupmang, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just joined GC. I've been lurking and reading for a little while :). Anyways, I have a sherlock bubbler and i am not sure what type of water to use in it? warm? cold? hot? :smoke:
  2. Wet water. :D

    But seriously use common sense, boiling water probably wouldn't be a good idea.
  3. I personally would just stick to water... if you don't clean your bub right after using it with any type of sugary drink it can get all sticky and gross.
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    Boil a cup of water at roughly 400 degrees. Careful though, it will be super hot when you hit it, but it makes steam too, so it's pretty cool. I also occasionally like to use milk, Orange Juice and sometimes Egg Yolks. When I'm feeling really daring I use Bleach.

    But yeah, don't do that.
  5. I personally would just stick to water... if you don't clean your bub right after using it with any type of sugary drink it can get all sticky and gross.
  6. cold water thc dosent bind with cold water as well so u dont lose as much thc when the smoke is going thru the water

  7. wat the fuk r u taiking about man
  8. Arizona Iced tea is not water, it's iced tea.
  9. THC is not water soluble so it doesn't bind with any water molecules regardless of the temperature.

  10. Yeah dude that guy was way off track. You're supposed to mix the OJ and milk, then bring it to a boil.
  11. use water. any type will do.

    happy smoking:wave:
  12. Thats like saying everything is carbon because everything has carbon atoms. :rolleyes:

    It actually is water soluble, but it binds at a very slow rate. Almost minuscule. :D
  13. BAHH of course! I forgot to tell you to mix the solution, after it reaches a boil.

    On another note, this thread is ridiculous.
  14. Cold Water... One of the main benefits of a bong or bub is that it cools the smoke making it easier to hit. You therefore would want to maximize this.
  15. pure water is the usual and probably the best. any temp is fine, people usually like it either ice cold or very warm (cold smoke and hot steamy smoke are both soothing on the throat). i wouldn't use boiling water, you might burn yourself if you accidentally suck some up, and it could crack the glass.

    anything else (like arizona iced tea) will work fine, but it doesn't really affect the taste as much as you would think and it's a bitch to clean if you let sugary liquids sit in there.

    some people like adding a pinch of salt, which is supposed to make it smoother and isn't hard to clean out afterwards.

    don't use alcohol or milk, since thc is soluble in both alcohol and the fat in milk.

  16. thc is soluble in any type of fat. So DONT USE ANYTHING EXEPT WATER. if you want it to taste different buy strains that nattily have flavor. Your just wasting weed if you use anything exept water, unles you plan on drinking that shit after smoking.
  17. Mad posts but no real answers, use COLD water, the colder the water, the colder the smoke the bigger hits you can take!
  18. true, but the only beverage i'm aware of that contains fat is milk.
  19. I prefer to put gas in mine, really clear, clean hit

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