Bubbler Problems...

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  1. I have a bubbler and every time I hit; it never fills up like it is supposed to... Now here's my technique
    1. Put grinded up product in the bowl
    2. Cover carb
    3. Light product
    4. Inhale
    5. Let go of carb
    6. Continue inhaling

    But here's the problem I do not ever get enough as smoke as I should for such big rips! It's really bugging me because I can't roll anything or get a new bowl... The bubbler is also glass so chances of a hole would be very slim. Please help!!!

    P.S. When I hit the bowl it hits clearly and it feels like there's loads of smoke but when I let go of the carb an inhale I'm not getting anything...

  2. Milk it longer. :confused_2:
    Or maybe you're packing it to tight and it has restricted airflow.
  3. get a bunch of hot glue and dip the piece in a bowl of that shit and then toke up
  4. hold the carb longer....?
  5. Put up a video so we know what you mean? It could just be that you need to hold the carb longer to take a fatter hit, or it could be something about the actual bubbler that you're using, or the way you're packing your bowls like someone else said. If you're doing everything else right though you should be able to just hold the carb until it gets as milky as you want and then let go to clear it...
  6. Maybe your not covering the all of the carb
  7. I know how to test this. Plug the carb then suck in while lighting as hard as you fucking can for as long as you can. If it doesn't milk up then it's probably because the hole in the bowl is too small.

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