Bubbler or Steamroller?

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  1. I have a bubbler, and a steamroller.
    From experience which one is better?
    They are both pretty sweet, I haven't noticed much of a difference from each. But which one should I start to use more?
  2. bub is gonna be smoother. better on your lungs in the long run. I say take that route, and just convince a buddy to get a roller so you can puff both :devious:
  3. i think bubblers hit smoother but i love hitting a nice sized glass steamroller mostly just because i think the smoke looks cool when you clear it lol and they do rip
  4. if your talking about daily use, or using one more then another, a bub would deffintley hit smoother and be easier on your lungs.

    Steamroller to be is more of a special occasion smoking device, to get extra ripped.
  5. Tough choice im not gonna lie. It depends do you want smooth hits or harsh hits both are gonna fuck you up. I would get a nice piece like a roor steamroller if your gonna go that way. Otherwise any bubbler will treat you right.
  6. bubbler def

    and the steamroller every 2nd friday of every month ...lol
  7. Steamroller gives the bigger hit but water is nicer to smoke.
  8. bub for daily use
  9. Bubbler any day
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    I own both and have gotten tired of both, I say get a Bong or a vape
    But if you must pick between the two, go with the bubbler
  11. id go with the bubbler over the steamroller any day of the week. steamrollers hits are usualy massive but mad harsh. i love a nice smooth toke from my hammer bub
  12. Thanks, Now using the bubbler everyday. And the roller with some friends when we get some dank shit
  13. I have not tried a steam roller but I would say a bubbler.
  14. Steamroller murders your lungs but gets you blasted off all that unfiltered smoke. They are fucking epic.

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