Bubblegum Kush - First ever harvest

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  1. i have 2 more plants growing currently
    but unfortunaly. i had to cut one of my girls down she was getting real sick, had lost all her fan leaves. etc

    plus i really want to start on the second grow, and do it proparly this time,
    here is some pics of the harvest wet

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  2. it's not bad if the plant is losing it's fan leaves late in flowering... it's normal, also, defoliation (removal of unneeded fan leaves and branches) increases yield... i think you would've been fine to just let her ride till harvest. just by looking at those pictures, i didnt see anything "sick" looking with the Cola Leafs...
  3. ahh well, :p don't matter

    still got 2 plants growing thats going nice and frosty

    at least i got some smoke, to last untill harvest :hello:

    i heard that if yoyu remove lots of fanleaves during flower, the plants growth will be stunted for 1/2 weeks before it recovers.
  4. looks like u harvested too early, but they look tasty
  5. on your next to plant wait til the trich are a lil more amber. about 50%
  6. Thanks :)
    Yes i done this with the other plants i had during the last grow,
    the buds you see on the 1st page is the plant that had to come down early.

    Mind you, i can't wait to see this harvest, with a sticky oozy aber trich afghan kush is ready :D
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