Bubblegum 400 watt MH/HPS

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  1. So here is my first attempt with a digital electronic MH/HPS system. I have grown in the past, but i have always used CFLs and i just figured i would try my luck with a better system. I have a 4" intake fan and a 4" outtake fan as well as a regular desk fan on the inside. The strain is Bubblegum and the plants are 12 days old. I switched them to the 12/12 light cycle at day 9 because of a lack of growing space. I plan on transplanting them once they show their sex.Please let me know how they look....and any advice is much appreciated. Thanks GC!

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  2. i once had some bubblegum grown under a 600 watt MH/HPS and it was amazing, im sure you will love the end result gonna be watching this one for sure

    oh and if i were you i would transplant one into a separate container so their roots dont become tangled and damage eachother /compete with eachother
  3. You're going to love the upgrade from CFL to 400w, I can tell you that for sure!! :)

    I agree with the above reply, make sure you transplant one of those... one plant per pot!
  4. Thanks everyone. Is there a specific time that is better for transplanting....for instance right before the lights come on or off?

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