BubbleBucket Hydro Grow in Confined Space

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  1. Hi there friendly folks, I'm new to the neighborhood and was hoping to have some back and forth of ideas and maybe some tips for a new grow I'm starting.

    I'm all set for the BubbleBucket and nutes, I have a 400W LED light (first time trying out LED, anyone with experience?) I'd really like to discuss the rest of what is involved. 

    I'd like to do this with a scrog method, though due to space confinements I'm not quite sure it will work out.
    The area I have set aside is
    1ft 5" x 3ft 3"
    It's height is about 6 feet, so plenty upwards space for growth and big colas, I'm just not sure how much of a problem the rectangular shape of 1ft by 3ft will be.

    Any advice on how to maintain it in this space while still producing maximum, healthy yields would be super appreciated :)

    And I'd be happy to talk anyone through how I set up my BubbleBucket and area if they're interested :)

    One love <3
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    shouldn't be a  issue man, just go with 1 plant.
    train it well into the screen, you may be surprised the yield you could accomplish...
    with led youll need to keep it low...
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  3. I'll be doing it one plant, yes :)

    Scrogging usually only happens just before flowering while still in veg, correct? I'll be lollipopping too of course, as is usuall with scrogging but during the veg what would you reccommend for spread control? Just trimming down the sides? I want to cut as little as possible so theres not too much trauma but still want it to grow nicely (of course) haha.

    And I was told by the manufacturer of the light to use it 9-12" above the plant, so youre spot on the money there. I'll probably be adjusting as I go though, trying to keep it relatively small.
  4. I'd do some lst but idk of you can do it when your in hydrophonic but it definitely will help get more bang for your Buck..
  5. don't trim at all just bend them under the screen. once screen is 65% full switch to 12/12 and it will fill the screen.
    I don't lilipop my scrogs at all, trim the leaves under the screen that don't get light but other then that all your trying to do is keep a even canopy so your light is evenly dispersed.
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