BubbleBucket Hydro Grow in Confined Space

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Testrun, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Hi there friendly folks, I'm new to the neighborhood and was hoping to have some back and forth of ideas and maybe some tips for a new grow I'm starting.

    I'm all set for the BubbleBucket and nutes, I have a 400W LED light (first time trying out LED, anyone with experience?) I'd really like to discuss the rest of what is involved. 

    I'd like to do this with a scrog method, though due to space confinements I'm not quite sure it will work out.
    The area I have set aside is
    1ft 5" x 3ft 3"
    It's height is about 6 feet, so plenty upwards space for growth and big colas, I'm just not sure how much of a problem the rectangular shape of 1ft by 3ft will be.

    Any advice on how to maintain it in this space while still producing maximum, healthy yields would be super appreciated :)

    And I'd be happy to talk anyone through how I set up my BubbleBucket and area if they're interested :)

    One love <3
  2. u got it just build a scrog screen and fill it 75% before flipping to 12/12 just remember to top ur plant a few times to increase the amount of branches
  3. Awesome :) Thats a load off my mind.
    Any tips on how long I should keep in veg? Given the small amount of space I dont want the outward leaves and stems pressing against the walls too much. Should I just trim anything that goes too far out and is non-essential or just set up a scrog really early on?
  4. veg for about 1 to 1.5 months once u top(cut) the plant it will grow much faster
    u want ur scrog setup early the branches will get very firm and u'll end up breaking them
  5. Thank man, you sir ARE a fucking boss ;)
    What he said. You have plenty of space for 1 plant. I just scrogged 1 plant in a 24"x18" space and vegged for 30 days. I could have vegged a little longer because I had the screen space available, but the stems got to strong to quick to keep bending back down so I threw it into flower.

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