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Bubbleberry Anyone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Splifster, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. My bud just picked up 2 zs of some bomb ass bubbleberry. Shit stunk up an entire dorm floor in seconds. We rolled around with 2 other friends and baked out an eigth in four fat blunts. This shit was fluffy as all fuck, crystally, and oh so damn skunky and potent and lovely tasting. Lovin it. I would post some pics but they are all oversize and I cant figure out how to get them smaller.
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  4. looks good...
  5. looks like what i have right now, deffinitly yummy...
  6. how do you split an eighth into 4 blunts? I've never been able to make it go farther than two and I call those small. Anyway, that stuff looks nice. I wish I could toke some of that.
  7. This shit was fluffy as hell thats how =). plus it was more like 4 grams. each blunt was definitely thick.
  9. 4 more zs getting in tonite, ill take some pics of the best buds from the bags.
  10. those nugs look so good
  11. Looks exactly like what i have. Good shit and yes it is extremely skunky.

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