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  1. Hey guys i am debating whether i should get legit bubblebags or bags from bubblebagdude. The price for a 5 gal 8 bag set from bubblebagdude is only 79.99 while the real one is like 150 for a 8 bag 1 gal set. The bubblebagdude screen size is 220,190,160,120,90,75,45,20. While the real ones are 220, 190 160, 120, 90, 73, 45, 25 . Do you really think there is that much of a difference in the quality of sewing? And do you think the screen is that much better and material? Do you think i should get the knock offs or pay twice as much for a small bag set of quality? The bubblebagdude has 100% positive feedback on ebay so just curious to what the city thinks
  2. I have 5gal Bubblebags, 5gal Sprung bags, and 1gal bags from bubblebagdude. The bubblebagdude dude bags are garbage. A waste of money. The 5gal Sprung bags aren't bad, provided you get a set where the mesh is accurately sized. The Bubblebags are best in every single way. Solely in terms of yield and quality, the Sprung bags are close to the Bubblebags, but not the same. HTH

  3. Nice bags are worth the extra money, I've bought cheaper bags from ebay or other sources 3 times before I spent the money on nice bags. Eventually the fabric that seals the bag breaks down and contaminates the hash so I had to replace the cheap bags every season
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I just dont want to spend 200-300 on a set you know? I dont think would be using all that often just for harvests and when i have shake piling up so a few times a year. I might get the sprung bags than if they are better than the bubblebagdude, they look reasonably priced for a six bag set. What was bad about the bubblebagdude if you dont mind?
  5. I got a knockoff 5bag/5gal set and they work great. my bro has some bubblebag originals and the 25 micron is falling apart granted they are 1 1/2 yearsold either way though the plastic coating on the inside is deteriorating. Mine are over 1 year old still in primo shape. As long as you are careful not to catch the bags with your mixer they should last along time, also periodically cleaning them with alcohol will make them last alot longer
  6. Low yield, poor construction. I took a quick look at your grow. Honestly, you'll need to save trim for a year before the bags become worthwhile. I wouldn't bother. Good luck.

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    Im using trimmings plus i have alot of headie shake laying around that has been building up from when i pick up. Just looking to make some bubble from time to time.
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    If your deadset on getting bags but don't want to spend big $ on a bigger set just buy the small 3 bag set from a reputable company. You will end up replacing the cheap ones after a few uses trust me. I have the 6 bag kit and I only use 3 of them anyways, 6 bags is a hassle and there's not a huge quality difference in them. I use the payload bags and I absolutely love them (Payload Bags - 5 Gallon 4 Bag Kit | grasscity.com) I didn't check out what your trying to make bubble out of but if it's not very much you can get away with 1 gallon bags. With my 5 gallon bags I can fit a quarter lb or more of trim which is a LOT and you will not be needing the extra space with smaller quantities.

  9. Thanks for the input :hello:
  10. Has any one tried virtual sun bubble bags? Curious because they have really good prices $30 for 8 bag set. And I just can't reason spending $300 on an 8 bag set.
  11. I have a 5 bag set From Virtual Sun. They are OK, but I don't mix in them. I only pour through them. You really don't need an 8 bag set. Most pros only use 3 bags. 160 for work bag then a 90 and a 45. If you're only doing 1 or 2 runs a year cheaper is cool.
  12. Thanks man. I have been looking for reviews and any help before I she'll out money. I'm not sure how much I will be doing a year but I take care of my stuff and try to treat it as best I can to make it last. Thanks for the advice on mixing.
  13. I spent $450 on my 8 bag set and it was well worth it.

    Have you considered a set of dry sift screens instead? much cheaper than bubble bags, much easier to make and less spending on tools required.

    not to mention it's a step above bubble hash.

  14. Where would I get dry sift screens from? I've thought about like t-shirt screens thinking that might work. I thought maybe joann's fabrics or a place like that.
  15. Depends on where you're from. I bought mine from a local printing supply shop but I'm in Metro area.

    Poconoscreen.com has the hookup for USA. 110 mesh and 196 mesh is what you need for a 2 screen system.

    If you are just processing for personal use this in my opinion is the way to go. If you are processing more than personal you might want bubble bags.

  16. I went with the bags this time because it's more than personal for now. Got about 5 grams. I don't know how much I used. Trimming from 3 plants. I'm going to check that site out now.
  17. Or buy one bag and make it with dry ice.

  18. I bought an 8 set of bags for 45 spent 15 on ship n handle because I'm impatient lol. Not bad if you take care of your stuff. I try not to be rough my money tree needs time to reproduce lmao. Virtual sun is where I got mine decent prices. Just not u.s. made only downfall. At the same time I couldn't see my self spend upwards of 300 for a set of 8 from bubble bag the company it self. Not dogging them because I have no proof to. I just didn't like the price.

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