Bubble Soil?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Addicted, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Ok, here is my idea! Using the same idea as Bubble buckets, but subsitute the water with soil..

    I will be testing this on my next grow of AK's, but here is my plan! First, I will be using standard grow technique, but with the exception of a Dual outlet pump. I will be place 2 pumps in the center of the soil(one near center and another at bottom.). My time schedule for using the pump would probably be only 2-3 days after watering and probably not on fert weeks(I will test to see if it harms the plant in anyway first.). Anyway that is my plan, hehe.

    What I am hoping this will do is INCREASE my O2 in the soil. And by the way I am only doing this on one plant Why risk the death on 10 plants when you can kill just one?hehe.

    WISH ME LUCK, might be awhile due to retards breaking my light
  2. Why would you want to increase the O2 in the soil? Plants need energy, water, and CO2 and release O2. At least, that's what I remember from bio.
  3. the roots need lots of O2. that swhy NFT works so damn well.

    hell i say go for it, good plan
  4. Yes, that is right the plant absorbs Co2 and releases o2, but this is used in photosynthesis(making of sugars).
    Hehe, let me first ask you what does water consist of?
    That's right, H2O! 2 hydrogen molecules bonded with 1 oxygen molecule..oxygen is VERY important to the roots of the plants and in large quanties increases plant growth by well LOTS.

    Sorry sounds a bit sketchy, but its kinda hard to explain.. basically I would recommend reading some Hydroponic guides they give a general idea on the importance of oxygen and growth.
  5. or you could just do a bubble bucket;)
  6. I already have!! I didn't like it all that much.. Being in school and working its just to much to maintain. My last Bubble Buckets went pretty bad with only 4 of 10 surviving :(. Some how I got Algea when I was on call for work and basically abandoned them for 2weeks :(.

    I have learned that soil plants can take a weee bit more neglect, haha. I just wanted to see if I could increase my grow time/yeild..

    <--------Loves Bubble Buckets yeild
  7. why don't you just add an airpump directly into the side of each pot, thus giving the roots as much o2 as you want......tried and tested method........works fine............Peace out........Sid
  8. just taggin the thread, i gotta c how this ends lol.
  9. hmmmm why not grow in exceptionally loose ground sorta thing. I grow in 100% perlite and they grow fast and in a few weeks I should be able to tell you exactly how fast they grow in terms of yield from 12-14 weeks but its looking good.
  10. Yea i love bubble bucket, but....

    if algee gets in they can mess up real fast and multiplys like, well, algee
  11. I think increased air flow to the soil region will desicate your roots and dry your soil out at an increased rate. You need to keep an eye on the soil moisture levels.

    If you got algae in your BBs, then you didn't do enough to keep excess light from entering the bucket or you didn't change your reservoir fluid every two weeks. A minimum of three layers of duct tape on every exposed surface of the bucket or the mirrored AC tape will work on keeping light out.

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