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bubble hash/pin method problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by saintboon81, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So today i got some of what i believe to be bubble hash although the deal seemed to good to be true (20 g)

    I dont have a pic but its is a very dark brown, kinds of moldable in your fingers a littel sticky and smells like dank, there are also trace amount of keef throughout it.

    I took a little pinch off today to try some because i was saving most for a special occasion tommorwo. Took a little bit more than an eigth of it off, rolled into a small ball and tried the pin method (putting the ball onto a pin, lighting it, blowing it out, covering with a glass, and then letting teh glass fill with smoke etc.)

    But the ball would just catch on fire, let out some very very black smoke, and after i blew it out and covered it with the cup it would stop smoking. I ended up almost wasting the whole ball trying to relight it a few times until it was just ash (i didnt have my bowl on me adn i couldnt put it back in the bag so i had to keep trying). Eventually i just lit it blew it out adn placed the straw next to it and sucked a bunch. I got a slight buzz but im kinda pissed it didnt work

    Could this hash be fake? Or am i doing something wrong?

    Would this be okay to smoke out of glass bubbler with a metal screen in?
  2. bump...need some help please i dont wanna waste all of it
  3. #3 stlmodude, Feb 18, 2009
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    you got twenty grams and rolled an eighth of those 20 grams, which is 2.5 grams, into a little ball and tried to smoke it?

    tell me...

    about how big was the ball you were trying to smoke?

    or are you saying in the following: "(20 g)," that you paid $20 for 1 gram?
  4. oh im sorry man, just a little bit off a gram, like i said it was for one occassion so i wasnt trying to use much of it. it was a little bit more than an eigth of a gram.
  5. Probly wasnt dried properly, that would explain the price and the bad burning.
  6. #6 stlmodude, Feb 18, 2009
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    oh. my bad.

    if you are lighting it up, letting it burn black for a little bit, and covering it should fill the glass with smoke. maybe wait longer before you blow it out. it has to get all ember-ed up. if it doesnt ember up....its probably bunk.
    or you an try putting it on little piece of weed in a pipe....just rip it right out of the bowl.

    hash isn't real hard to smoke, for real. it's pretty damn straightforward.
  7. not dried properly? It appears similar to any bubble hash pictures and its nto wet or anything, its slighlty sticky like its supposed to be but i dont understand how hash could be not dried properly
  8. yeah it dewfinitly did cherry up at one point, mayeb the ball was too small and i didnt wait long enough.

    I think this method must not be very efficient ill prob jsut hit it outta my bubb
  9. yeah, just put it in the pipe.

    enjoy, my dude.
  10. nah dont think you could make them tooo small i have made really small hash balls and they all worked
  11. Unless you know the source, if it's commercial grade hash, it could be mixed with anything to bulk up the weight--oil sludge, shoe polish, various mixtures of clay or mud, feces, various forms of starch, or even rubber/plastic. If it was suspiciously cheap, it's probably mixed with some junk. Don't shot your dealer though, the mixing is usually done at or near the manufacturing site. So likely your dealer didn't do it, but he bought bunk and is now passing it on to you for cheap.

    Then again, I just got back from Amsterdam and smoked several hashes that were really hard to light--but because it was top shelf.

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